Saturday, May 16th, a different kind of MMJ festival, the Green Mile Experience, kicks off its West Coast Tour. A bevy of 420Nurses, GME co-sponsors, have only added to the still-building buzz around the 5K, the name of this premiere Experience.

Green mile 5 k event poster with sponsors

Happening this time at the NOS Center for one day in greater San Bernaldino, this ‘experience’ promises to be different in nature than run-of-the-mill past MMJ events. Typically you have a stage, a large vendor grid area, a separate area for seminars, non-profits, product tech, activist organizations, and maybe a carnival ride/food area. This time things are a bit more original and unique.

420 and face of the green mile

The folks here at Cani?Liv are passionate about working together to make a difference. While we like to have fun with big events like the Green Miles 5K Experience, we are dedicated to helping provide patients in need with the medicine they choose. CanI?Liv is the organizer of the Green Miles 5K Experience. This company was developed to service patients within all legal states, and to establish Wellness facilities in those approved areas. For more information visit

Green mile 5 k map

The Green Miles 5k Experience is a cannabis friendly, extraordinarily colorful, fun and entertaining walk. Along the course, participants will celebrate, dance, legally medicate, and share stories of how they came to walk with us. This interactive event will feature two hours dedicated to fun, family oriented education and involvement, as well as two hours dedicated to a comprehensive celebrity teach-in. The Green Miles 5K Experience features highly accomplished national and local acts playing Reggae, Caribbean, Electronic Dance Music, and 70’s and Old School Funk. There will be Artists and opportunities to leave your footprint on the Canvas of Life.

Green mile 5 k dream world cirque trapeez ribbon girl

Entertainment will include the hip, inviting, imaginative, and unforgettable Dream World Cirque to be on every step of the Green Miles journey with you.

420 and Siya

The music of Lil Kim, Mos Def, The Notorious B.I.G, Big Daddy Kane, and Jay-Z has been influential to people around the world and no one place has been more impacted than that of Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy to be exact. Siya, The Bed-Stuy Bully, a product of her environment brings a different quality and uniqueness to Hip Hop that has not been touched in mainstream Hip Hop before.

420 and Mickey Tealor

Taking influence from Lauryn Hill,  Billie Holiday, and Eyrkah Badu, Mickey Taelor has developed a sound all of her own. Emerged in the Reggae & Hip Hop culture, Miss Taelor joined Roots Collective and began playing shows throughout the downtown Pomona/Long Beach scene. “I want to bring the world my perspective of life.

420 and Experience Mike

EXPERIENCE MYKE is a southern California based blues, rock, power trio. This exceptional unit, performs with the blessing of The Hendrix family and close friends. Experience Myke embraces the classic sound, style, and feel of artists from the era of the 60’s and 70’s.

420 and CorreyL

Correy L is what happens when Hip Hop raises a West Coast kid from Cali. Effortless and authentic, he rides perfectly produced beats with ease. Look for Correy L on the main stage on The Green Miles Experience Tour.

UPDATE: IMPORTANT!!! We are offering tickets at ONLY $10 using the discount code “420socal” when you purchase your tickets.  Please share this with all of your friends… Even post it for everyone on social media!

Green mile 5 k you rockin with us poster


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