Recently a neighbor complained of shoulder pain. I said, “Take a hit of this.” Reluctantly she accepted, then her eyes widened. “It’s magic!”

Like a modern day miracle worker, I had taken away her pain. But I hadn’t done it through some magic. I hadn’t done it through some pill. I didn’t do it for sexual advantage. And I didn’t sell her a pipe hit or barter it. Her pain was taken away as much through actual cannabis use as it was for the compassionate love one person has for another in providing comfort. This is in accordance to every religious doctrine because it ranks with hospitality, a root word with ‘hospital’.

Though I might not share a pipe with everyone walking the planet, I have no qualms about sharing some weed with someone in need or pain. That is the love that translates as charity in the Bible. That cannabis/pot should help all but maybe an exempt few, also demonstrates an ‘one love’ or all inclusive love feature. The principle of ‘one god’ is exclusive, and the Jews were picked ‘exclusively’ to deliver a messiah or redeemer. Nowhere does it say in The Ten Commandments ‘there is only one god’. The God of the Jews tells them not to have any other gods before him.

So how do the one-god religions see cannabis, in any light, currently?

The nation of Islam who once shunned such use, except for Sufism, are now with the younger generation acknowledging the benefits of medical marijuana. Hash is smoked more than marijuana except by the youth, but clandestinely or hypocritically. Sufi are considered Muslim beatniks but Muslim Rastas would be closer to the truth. They could hang on Venice Beach.

The European Christian nations were the first to keep marijuana smoking under wraps while still using hemp. This was done starting in the 13th Century through the Catholic Church. And of course there was no such thing known as ‘marijuana’. There was hemp, which everyone grew, and there was cannabis, pot, which only some knew about. Most of those who knew were the indigenous tribes around the world who used it for everything, including smoking. The church banned this type of use because it made the tribes resistant to belief in an alien one god religion. Now several countries in Europe have legalized medical marijuana and a couple have legalized/decriminalized use. Pot is legal in North Korea and is encouraged.

The Jews of the middle east were more restrictive with cannabis. It was not for common use outside of the rabbis or the Levites. Here again, there was probably clandestine use by some members of the tribe, being human. Today in Israel, medical marijuana is legal, if you’re a Jew. I am not sure of your rights if you aren’t Ashkenazim.
It would seem that none of the 3 ‘one god’ religions are ‘cannabis friendly’ whereas the primitive cultures had the right idea save for Sufi (Muslim) and Rastafarians plus a few counterculture types like jazz musicians & artist types.

420 and mother's day greeting

One love or one god? It would seem that the ‘one love’ scenario is closer to Jesus’ peace and unorthodox outlook on life, with the ‘one god’ feature more like the Jewish God of the Old Testament. One Love is closer to living as a sacrifice for all Mankind’s Sins in totality than One God is in conquests, death, and exclusive stubbornness.

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PT Rothschild

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