Nurses Orders 420 Edition

Nurses Orders 420 Edition

As many of you already know, this passing Monday was 4/20!!!! An HOLIDAY of sorts for many of us who love cannabis!

On we have created “Nurses Orders” These orders help get us 420nurses closer to our goals of becoming official! We will be doing different themes, and duties throughout the year.

This 4/20 week kicked off the Nurses Orders promotion and the duties of this week’s Nurses orders are as follows:

-Set up a 420 theme photoshoot in your 420nurse gear
-Write a blog on what the term “420” means to you (include photos from your shoot)
-Share with everyone on & social networks using hashtags #420nurses #420nurses420

An individual 420nurse will be chosen as the best of the entries and will be given a full feature

*Nurses orders are for 420nurse Interns, Nurses, and Official Photographers however 420patients are encouraged to participate. The progress of each aspiring 420nurse is always being reviewed! Lets get active and stay consistent!


The individual chosen this week happens to be a new 420nurse intern from San Diego, CA.



ChiiKitsun a new member aspiring to meet new ladies and fight the system supporting cannabis.

To ChiiKitsun, 420 is a gathering of the same group of people who love cannabis just as much as she does. Using cannabis due to a chronic illness as well as anxiety, cannabis helps calm her down to where both do not interfere with her daily life. Cannabis and 420 can mean so many different things to everyone but ChiiKitsun feels like it means one things to all , it HELPS US live our lives and keep on.

Happy 420!

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