Long ago when writing on the 420Nurses, I realized that the story wasn’t that they were sexy or had a catchy brand name – 420Nurses. The real story was what you didn’t see, and that was heart. It is a no-brainer to rep CBDs, or anything marijuana friendly, even as a patient [which they are all, from the president on down], but when you find them advertising and knowing all about a product I found when doing research for a prison story, well, that takes things to a whole new level of health commitment.

The picture above is the product I speak of, the one on the right called CRAY-tum. Kratom does not come from the cannabis plant but it does provide relief to similar situations, and some would say superior, in helping with withdrawal from drug addition. Kratom is a wonder when it comes to breaking the addition to both opiates and meth. You can use a cannabis product for your skin complexion.

Kratom comes from a certain coffee bean that grows in the Malaysia area of the world. That is an area that you don’t want to be caught smoking a joint, and being a mule – forgettaboutit. But you can indulge in drinking kratom and get the buzz that comes from it. However, if you have an addition, kratom helps fend off the cravings and side effects from withdrawal. Also, unlike prescription sedatives, kratom doesn’t have an expiration date.

About a year ago, I first heard about kratom outside the prison article from Summer Rain, the VP of the 420Nurses. She was recommending the product, after relating the various compounds available, to someone who had problem with treating everything with cannabis. The customer wound up buying two types of kratom to try. While surprising to hear, Summer Rain is a former exchange student and very knowledgeable of the world.

However, when I came up for the first CBD dinner, I met Baby Dabs, a 420Nurse tending the boutique downstairs as Chacha, SR, and others got things ship shape upstairs for the dinner. While I waited, I listened to Baby Dabs talking up kratom in a product pitch, learning a few more things about something more backward States still ban. It was good to see that patient knowledge just doesn’t stay at the top but is reflected in the 420Nurses staff.

Baby Dabs

If you know of someone who could use this info, please share this report. Remember, it takes two things to quit an addition; a desire to quit and something to substitute. Kratom can help a person bridge the gap. If in the San Fernando Valley area stop by the 7029 Topanga Cyn Blvd address. Otherwise check in your local smoke shop to see if they carry such a product. You can also always contact the 420Nurses Boutique at to mail order. If out of state, check legality in your area.

PT Rothschild

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