Today, along with Mother’s Day, we at the NEWS also acknowledge the birthday of Summer Rain, Sundance Kid to ChaCha’s Butch Cassidy.

The 420Nursessecond most recognizable face and hair color came on the scene shortly after graduation and was present at the Christmas meeting of the Memoirs book drop.

420 and nurses at jemm podium

Summer Rain, second from left

Working her way up the ladder as an intern, soon she appeared at many events along beside CEO ChaCha Va Voom, seen here also with Baby Pink, the ‘poop of a scoop’ girl, at LA’s Ukraine Center. Putin couldn’t make it, his loss.

UCC LA 420 Nurses

Summer Rain, right

Orchestrating behind the camera as well in leadership roles, the camera liked what it saw and so a cover on JEMM (now LA JEMM) followed.

420 and bigger front cover image

Being a 420Nurse is a dedication but being in the limelight as a 420Nurse requires a certain stamina not everyone has, but it’s cool to see it when you find it, especially for a good cause.

420 and stoned Summer for legalize

So today we celebrate the birthday of Summer Rain, who at the ripe old age of, uph, a gentleman never tells, is captivating to the iconic allure of the 420Nurses brand

420 and Lexi, Summer Rain, Tinker Toke Tink

In clothing

420nurses merchandise cap girls

In person

420nurses having fun at show booth with pot

And in mystique

420 and you looking at me

Happy Birthday, Summer Rain, Vice Prez 420Nurses

420 and Happy St Pats

PT Rothschild

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