Is a 4/20 Easter Mary Jane’s wink that Divine Intervention is in da’ house?

Following the Super Bud Bowl with Denver’s ‘stoned’ performance and that 420nurses activism Summer foregoundeach coming eclipse falls on a Jewish holiday, I think even Doctor Watson could come up with the correct conclusion.

A 4/20 Easter is a tip o’ the hat to the 420Nurses organization which is spreading like a movement among patients and the cannabis culture, even to the outside world, through activism.

For Easter this 4/20, the NEWS would like to highlight the chapter leader that started it all for those outside of the cloistered confines of cannabis, Bob Carlee, 420Nurses chapter in San Diego.

420Nurses cover shotAfter having met and joined the 420Nurses website, I set about to write a story for the Calendar about the group. As a reporter, I was impressed with the group’s motif, motto, and mantra. After completing the text trying to capture the group essence, I needed a picture to lead the story. The group was new to the scene, fresh, and young, bursting with enthusiasm. That was the message to convey to my audience about the group.

As if by magic I went to the event photo section and only 3 pictures in, I found the perfect shot for the story. The picture even provided my title for the story. That cover picture is a shot of the San Diego Chapter Leader, Bob Carlee, just after she was involved with the organization.

I have since met the model known as Bob Carlee. She is much more attractive and sophisticated in person, quite polished from the shot that caught my eye. When we first talked about the story, 420Nurse Carlee expressed a desire for me to use a more glam shot as a way to show her as a model who doesn’t normally wear her glasses for photos.

420 and San Diego chapter with bob carlee

Explaining my writer/artist viewpoint in using the picture I did, she quickly understood my logic. I promised to sometime in the future run a story with her model side showing. For this 4/20 Easter, the NEWS is honored to say Congratulations to 420Nurse Chapter Leader Bob Carlee and her 420Nurses of San Diego.

420 and the nurses of San Diego

PT Rothschild

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