Today’s globalization by the elite threatens everyone including we medical marijuana patients whom they consider ‘the black market’, their way to demonize OUR demographic. We at Everything420 stand united against this atrocity alongside Anonymous, the 420Nurses, the Activist Corner, and with all for Jack Herer’s CCHI.

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We invite all new readers to understand the mission statement we make here: To not abandon the voice of the patient, rich or poor, but especially poor, for pot is a weed for us all, like grass and air. It is a Gift, not a commodity. So to the 1% we yell, FUȻK YOU!

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The 420Nurses’ first and only [so far] Weed Warrior is lawyer Letitia Pepper. We have a weed war corespondent embed in her posse for the latest 411. Ms. Pepper is the real deal, having been practically disabled by prescription meds before being saved by medical cannabis. Long at the heart of this current fight and a touchstone for others, Letitia and her network of real patients strive to spread the truth in what is fair and proper, along with who is fair and proper.

Lawyers are important because the laws are written by lawyers. That is how the elite are taking over, by the laws they write. Having a lawyer fight for us is critical. Having a female lawyer with the heart of a lion puts us in the Hillary category for potency. And having all that wrapped up in a MMJ person, well, Letitia is our Joan de Arc. Karma-wise, Letitia Pepper is Rick Simpson’s sister. Nuff said.

AUMA Back Story

The cause for cannabis in California has always involved billionaires because these people get things done. As the push to legalize marijuana reached its peak in the late 70s – early 80s, it was ‘stoners’ like Jeff Clark, who by their own admission, were a day late with the needed initiative signatures and came up a dollar short. Though more complicated than that, most of those same people are still big in the cause, hence no progress by the old schoolers. The reasons for this will be explored elsewhere and are of no concern to E420 and its audience. We are the future here, not the past.

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In 1996, the first billionaire stepped forward, quietly, since pot was hated by the Establishment. From Las Vegas he pumped in $5M, resulting in the final nudge to get it on the ballot. BOOM! Prop 215 was voter enacted, not government-authored, law. Much like Trump, this pissed off the Establishment, but like MTV at first, the Establishment was blinded by the flash of brilliance. This billionaire was George Soros, a cannabis connoisseur, not a pothead.

420NEWS Letitia Pepper warrior for cannabis

In the last few years another billionaire tried to pull a Soros with the help of the No Cali effort from Oaksterdam University. The attempt was Prop 19 and fooled a lot of people, especially at first. It was people like Letitia, lawyers, who saw through the legalese. Those P19 folks then took their spiel to Colorado where those without So Cali values drank the Kool-Aid. The results – two pot deaths because they lacked GMO wording or labeling. The entire story can be found in E420’s rotating archives.

California in 2016 faces a two-headed Hydra. MMRSA [Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act], the unconstitutional trinity of AB266, AB243, and SB643 signed into law to dismantle Prop 215 to profit off of patients is Head One. This head is not our immediate concern.

Hydra Head number Two is the government pushed ‘dark act’ for cannabis, AUMA or the Adult Use Marijuana Act, their ‘legalization’ for the general public. This will be California’s try to steal cannabis, hemp, any creative industry ideas, all Ma&Pa start-ups, caretaker friendly shops, and convenient home delivery away from the poor, the shut-in, the reason for Prop 215 in the first place.

MMRSA conf pics with Letty 016

The billionaire this time is Sean [misspelled above] Parker, the fuck who stole everyone’s music until the gov said no. Parker wasn’t a billionaire before Napster. Now he is.

End of Part 1

PT Rothschild

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