In Part 1, we learned that Sean Parker, one of the minds behind Napster, is the money man in this attempt to catch patients and pot smokers napping on AUMA, the state government plan to legalize marijuana.

No AUMA Sean Parker meme

The unstated objective of AUMA, the Adult Use Marijuana Act, is to cement the unholy trinity of state laws, AB266, AB243, and SB643 [also known as MMRSA] into public law by the will of ‘tricked’ voters following the carrot toward legal weed. AUMA is a Prop 19 on GMO steroids – and that can’t be good for you.

Let’s take a quick glance at AUMA to see the down-side for us [hint: the up-side for them].

AUMA charges its own surtax of 15%, cause The Man gets paid first. After that you have the usual state sales & local use taxes. Canna-Ca-Cing!

The 15% surtax off the top, like a mob cut, goes to pay for the sellouts that have helped the Establishment by creating a self-perpetuating bureaucracy of appointed officials with their bloated crony staffs with pension plans.

lanny swerdlow RN and cannabis selloutThis new board can vote to increase or add new taxes at will. Think of the 5 people who control gasoline prices for the State of California or the two appointed officials who dump millions of excess runoff water into the Pacific every day to keep Federal dollars coming to Sacramento, instead of sending that needed water downstream to Southern California for wine growers and farmers.

Bernie vs Hillary

AUMA talks ‘legal weed’ but in fact, being for the prison-for-profit Establishment, creates new marijuana felonies. But don’t worry, these new felonies won’t affect you, just your younger brother and sister. You have to feed the prison-for-profit system same as before.

AUMA takes away the individual right to grow or cultivate your personal stash and gives the right over to those who control commerce for the ‘state stores’ dealing pot, legal or medical.

Letitia with Fox News in Sac for AUMA conference March 2016

AUMA makes use of The Regulators, a new para-military style TSA who are all 6’8” tall, white, dress in black suits and wear sunshades. Ask Letitia, she ran across them at the state Democratic caucus in bringing this story to awareness.

AUMA makes cannabis and all nutriceuticals [herbal supplements at Natural food markets like Jimbo’s, Mother’s, Spouts, Roots, and Trader Joe’s] subject to FDA and DEA guidelines under idiopathic lockdown. If bees die, we die. If they kill all the herbs, Nature’s medicine, we die. Next in this series, Using Evil For Good – Say WTF

(Story source – Letitia Pepper, Dir. Legal & Legislative Analysis, Crusaders for Patients’ Rights)

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