MyDX: The Palm Sized Testing Platform.

MyDX: The Palm Sized Testing Platform.

Developing technologies and product breakthroughs are continuing to advance the cannabis industry in profound and amazing ways. The further development of cannabis testing technology has also vastly improved in these past few years and as the industry continues to evolve, we will uncover new, more efficient, and more practical methods of quality control, safety screening, blueprinting, potency testing, and product development. The process of observing, analyzing, and inspecting the various cannabis compounds is an essential tool to ensuring consumer safety as well as the success and progression of this thriving industry. In California, there is one company working hard to bring a revolutionary technology to the hands of those who need a basic tool for primary testing and examination.

Enter the MyDx cannabis testing platform.

untitled3MyDx is a palm sized analyzing devise built from a combination of patented technologies that were originally untitleddeveloped by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and eventually placed into practical use by NASA. Engineered to work as a type of “electronic nose” that picks up on materials the way a human nose picks up on various scents, MyDx detects many of the compounds and cannabinoids found within the plant itself. When in use, a small piece of plant material (about  50mg.) is placed within the devise using a specialized sensor designed to detect THC, CBD and other chemical compounds. When activated, the system volatizes the sample resulting in a vapor that releases the inner compounds which are then detected by MyDx’s multiple inner sensors. Within minutes the results of the sample test are sent to the CannaDX App on the user’s smartphone.

MyDx does more then simply analyze and display the results, the CannaDx App also provides additional in-depth information of the various compounds and their medicinal benefits and effects. It is also capable of learning and recommending strains for patients in need of a specific range of cannabinoids to aid in their therapeutic regimen. Although cannabis testing is an important function of MyDx System, it is not the only function it will be capable of. With the addition of simple add-on sensors, the MyDx Analyzer will also be able to test for chemicals of interest in air, water, fruit, and vegetable matter.

Extensive testing and safety control will always remain a vital necessity in order to ensure the potency, quality, and consistency of the many cannabis products distributed throughout the country. Although the CannaDx system will not replace traditional / conventional cannabis testing, it will become a useful tool for collectives, growers, and patients alike. It will allow collectives to further understand the needs of their various patients, it allows growers to continuously test their medicine to help in determining desired cannabinoid content and correct harvest time, and it can also help with patients who rely on a specific range of cannabinoids to further aid in their therapeutic regimen.

We’d like to thank the people at MyDx for taking the time to speak with us about their amazing product. For more information on MyDx and any of its additional aspects. You can check out their website at:

*Update- June 2016

Some users have reported issues with some of the MyDx’s software functionality. Although we didn’t encounter any these issues when we were introduced to it, we feel that it is worth noting to provide a bit of feedback.

Additionally, MyDx has released an update which includes several new features including a reduced wait time. For more information you can visit their website at

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