Leonard Nimoy, known to most people as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, died two days ago from lung cancer. He’d quit smoking cigarettes 30 years ago.

Leonard Nimoy recent pic

While he was 83 and no ‘spring chicken’, to die from something that in the future will be a post script seems to illustrate why the mandate of the 420nurses is more important than ever, given the coming election in 2016. The reason is RSO or Rick Simpson Oil, proven to beat cancer, per Tommy Chong, among others.

420Nurse LunaKush with Tommy Chong at Canna Con, gov event, no medicating

Who are the others? Well, as nurse patients, nurse friends of patients, and bringers of the light about cannabis, we personally know Mary Jane is our friend and don’t just mouth the words ‘One Love’ to party. To the outside world this gig is about modeling while getting stoned on premium blend but the light presented about cannabis is already bringing results from those outside the US mirror of deception to the status quo.

Three emails have been received by this publication [so far] attesting to the almost ‘magic cure’ of cannabis affecting 3 different heavily researched [read, charitable] US ailments. While those individual replies are been researched for troll-ism, the language and grammar construction used make them look genuine as honest responses.

Leonard Nimoy live long and prosper

Perhaps someday in the future as men and women explore the galaxy together, people like Leonard Nimoy who give of themselves to the fabric of our collective culture for the joy of so many won’t succumb to something profitable to so many because of false vision. Meanwhile the 420nurses are the brightest beacon lighthouse through the government’s rose-colored darkness.

To a fine actor, a gentleman, and someone very intelligent on so many avenues that lived long and did prosper, a person I met long ago in my ‘Forrest Gump’ type of life, I wish I could have said, Leonard Nimoy, RSO, instead of Leonard Nimoy, RIP.

Leonard Nimoy RIP feb 27, 2015

Now it is the 420Nurses who go where no man has gone before, boldly.

420 and keep calm Nurses

PT Rothschild

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