Mr. Extractor and The Solution

Mr. Extractor and The Solution

Closed loop systems have become quite an important piece of equipment in the extractions industry. For those who still don’t know: A closed loop extraction system is meant to replace the common open blast method in which butane or another non-polar solvent is propelled to dissolve the desired compounds from the cannabis plant or any other usable plant material. Closed loop systems increase the safety of the user by preventing large quantities of flammable solvent from openly dissolving into the atmosphere by running it through a system of enclosures where it can be collected and re-used.

There are many different companies that have developed closed loop systems for use. However there are many issues and complications that have arisen due to the complexity developing such a device. Fortunately, the evolution of these systems has led to new technical innovations and many companies have developed concepts and designs that can extract with the utmost regard to safety and extract purity.

One such system that has stood out among the many is the Mr. Extractor from Connoisseur Concentrates. Based out of Oregon the company has been in establishment since early 2014, however the process of creating an extractor from concept to completion has been in development for much longer.

We spoke with the creator of the Mr. Extractor to get the scoop on this system:

What first inspired you to enter the industry?

“We originally began devopment of an active system using modern equipment at the time, however we quickly saw the many issues that were rising from the methods and technology. Issues such as high pressures, uncertain materials, leaking HVACs, and even worse: potential contamination of the extract. We decided that the model in development was not meeting up to our standards and after a long road we chose to replace our concept with one that would be built from the ground up.”

What sets the Mr. Extractor apart from other closed loop systems?

“We built the Mr. extractor as basically an all in one unit. With only a vacuum pump needed to reduce the atmosphere in the system for filling, the machine is designed to be fully opeated without the need for extra hoses, fittings, exterior tanks, HVAC pumps, and excessive parts. We felt there was no need for excessive complexity. To us, every opening, valve, and fitting becomes a potential weak/leak point or potential place for contamination when used throughout the life expectancy of the machine.  We considered this when producing the Mr. Extractor and so we actively sought out ways to reduce and simplify the design. We often hear ‘you can get more parts for less from other companies’. In our opinion it’s not more parts that are needed, it’s less: less parts to maintain but with equal or more substantial results.”


The popularity of vaping and the use of pre-filled cartridges is still a common practice for consuming cannabis concentrates. Improvements in the technology have led to some amazing products however the challenges that arise  have led many companies to seek out answers currently found in standard e-cig technology. This does not always translate well with cannabis concentrates though. For example: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and polyethylene glycol (PEG) are common ingredients found in regular e-cig and vapor cartridges. They help in the creation of puffy clouds and also help to direct the flow within the e-cig. However there still is debate over their use in the cannabis industry due to the fact that e-liquid recipes require viscosities that over-dilute the potency, produce an aftertaste, and do not aide in the medicinal benefits of cannabis extracts.

Connoisseur Concentrates has spent years developing an alternative that is both effective and more useable to the cannabis industry. As a result of that effort, they have found The Solution:



The Solution is an alternative to conventional vapor cartridge additives. Unlike e-liquid The Solution is a proprietary combination of natural plant-based terpenes and GRAS approved ingredients. (Generally Regarded As Safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.) Designed to work in direct relation with cannabis concentrates: Simply add the correct amount to the extract, allow materials to mix together, then add to your favorite cartridge. If need be Connoisseur Concentrates can also supply disposable vape pens designed for easy filling.

The Original Solution is a complex terpene blend that that contains zero PG, VG, or PEG of any kind.  It is specifically formulated to complement cannabis concentrates by maintaining the natural flavor profiles found in various strains.

The Flavored Solutions are a bit more conventional. They are combination of plant-based terpenes infused and a selection of various engineered flavorings that are already in use throughout the e-vape industry today. With flavor options such as bubblegum, green apple, and many others, these Solutions will create a flavor and experience that is unlike any other.

For those who want to maintain only the most pure and natural blends.  Connoisseur Concentrates also produces a line of Natural Solutions that contain zero PG, VG, PEG, or synthetic flavorings of any kind. The terpenes are derived directly from their respective plants and formulated to add just the right amount of aromatics and flavor.


DSCN1289 - Copy

“We had the potential and backing to create an entire line of pre-filled pens and cartridges, but we decided that it would be more beneficial to the industry if we offered a chance for people to make their own. We feel The Solution is something the entire extract industry can benefit from, and as a company we didn’t want to hoard that benefit and leave other companies to make an unfit or unsafe product. We want everyone to have access to something that is both effective and safe.”

Do you have any plans for the future?

“We like to think outside of the box. The problem with that is you often have nothing to go off of because its completely outside of the conventional method. You often have to invent, and with inventing comes failures, but when you finally achieve success, it becomes bigger then what you originally sought out. We plan to continue our progress with more ideas in the works and when they debut, they will definitely be a benefit the extracts industry.”


We’d like to thank the people from Connoisseur Concentrates for taking the time to speak with us and for contributing all of their hard work, efforts, and additions to the development of cannabis industry. For more information on Connoisseur Concentrates, the Mr. Extractor, and The Solution you can visit their site at:


 Photos taken and provided by both: Connoisseur Concentrates and Matthew Lopez

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