What would you say if you found out our moon is actually manufactured to metric specifications? That topic is currently trending ‘talk radio’ at press time. The reason for this is that the Chinese Red Army has released data to the internet that proves there are ancient structures on the moon and that the United States has hidden this knowledge from the public for 50 years based on policy set by the Brookings Institute. The following link will take you to a video that you can listen to. So what does this have to do with patients who medicate, and models trying to cope in today’s world of dabs and 710s?

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Simply put, you are part of the solution, as in ‘either you are part of the problem or you are part of the solution’ motto. By your involvement with a plant that cures your ills, soothes your mind, and makes the world tolerable [and you know your own body] as if by magic, is a part of the technology they will one day uncover on the moon and also on Mars. That however has nothing to do with us and the subject of this column.

With the great upheaval coming in general, those ‘two or more are gathered in my name*’ will be kept from harm’s way, not by magic but by the same way the structures were built on the moon. Our bodies are machines, we know that. This is fact. We also know that there are THC receptors hard-wired into our brain. Though we know cannabis as a plant, can it also be a sacred technology from the same place as those who built the moon and designed us to live healthy before Monsanto, vaccines, and modern science, aka modern greed, came along?

Now the government and the world seek to rule over this technology without understanding it, all for greed and ignorance. But just as they don’t understand anything about the moon, they also don’t understand anything about this sacred technology we know as cannabis. This sacred tech is also AI, or what we would call the plant’s collective self-awareness. While we are just now learning what cannabis can do, industry-wise, there is no awareness or even theory as to what this ancient sacred technology can do. What is for sure is that it will resist attempts to be man-handed by proposed law bills like AB 266.

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Make no mistake, the State is becoming more of a lock down for corporate America on basics like food labeling, farming with pesticides, and air; and there are groups much like cannabis groups who form to fight back through various measures and protests. Both food and health are basics, but cannabis is a gift from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. We as cannabis patients have the force on our side. So if you start to see things getting smoother for you while others around you seem to get worse, now you know why. You are using a sacred technology that the world thinks is a plant. Shhh, it’s our secret. One Love.

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(*- See Chapter 20 segments in 420nurses blogs under PT420 for explanation to using quote, hint: cannabis is in the Bible, ISBN: 0-9629872-2-0)

PT Rothschild

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