Perhaps since many people here and on the 420Nurses site have been taken advantage of by doctors, drug companies, and possibly so-called friends, here is where this latest spurious Watergate of a story is catching fire. Sooner or later the effects of the GMO pot released for experimentation on the general population of Colorado legal stoners will come to light.

Wait!! This just in! The addictive effects of the GMO pot in Colorado ARE making headlines for being heroin-isque. However, at present the story and stats are being smoked as ‘crime robbery.’

To help your brain get right to see through the smoke, here is a riddle.

What is the difference between a meth head and a heroin addict? The answer after this latest GMO pot update about the effects of Monsanto Gold.

For weeks now, the Mile High state has allowed the sale of recreational pot to adults, and so far the Rockies still stand. But crimes, all of which occurred in Colorado in the last six months, have produced an acid-drip of anxiety in the industry, highlighting the dangers faced by those hoping to drag America’s most popular illegal drug into the light.

“Everyone in the industry is having nightmares,” says Michael Elliot, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, a powerful young lobby in Colorado. “You hit a 7-Eleven, you’ll get 20 bucks. You hit a dispensary, you’ll get $300,000 on a good day,” adds Mitch Morrissey, District Attorney for Denver. “It’s only a matter of time before someone gets shot.”

Since 2010, the new pot barons have been required to install alarms and surveillance cameras, and most secure all cash and retail pot in a floor-bolted safe overnight. That helps limit losses, but the thieves keep coming. They throw bricks through windows, and tunnel under floors. One team tore away the locks on a grow house with a set of chains and a Subaru Outback. Another crashed an Audi through a warehouse door.

One thief, posing as a delivery man, pulled a can of bear mace on employees and ransacked their marijuana shop, fleeing in a defensive cloud of “ultra-pepper” spray. Another opened the wall of a dispensary with an ax and attacked the store’s safe with a circular saw. Still another stuck to the basics. He kicked in the front door and pointed his gun at the counterman. An accomplice kicked in the back door and filled a duffel bag with more than $10,000 worth of high-quality cannabis.

Over the last six weeks, a different team of burglars hit at least eight 420 guard in Colorado with glockdispensaries, and a third team is still on the loose after a stick-up at New Age Wellness in nearby Boulder County. Moments after closing time, two men dressed in baby-blue ski-masks burst in, pointed guns, and cleaned out the little mountain depot. “It’s an epidemic,” says one of the employees, who declined to give his name for safety reasons. “Everything is a lot tighter now. It isn’t so homey anymore.”

Aside from the additive GMO Monsanto Gold, the backlash is calculated to be beneficial to demand a re-criminalization to solve ‘this problem’. However since the banking industry is controlled by the feds, money generated from pot shop sales does not enter the system as does liquor or tobacco sales. This is done purposely to lure these new ‘hopheads’ into getting their Monsanto Gold fix.

For those folks whose head still doesn’t fit around the government game plan of GMO pot experimentation in Colorado, only one President before or since has ever halted unannounced experimentation on American citizens. That was JFK.

Now ask yourself, do you think Obama decreased the experimentation or increased it?

Keep it here once a day for the poop of a scoop. And remember, as you look at the Nurses pictured here, the women on this site have something better to do with their heads than talk,

They use them to think! So get that mind out of the gutter.

What’s the difference between a meth head and a heroin addict?

They’re both steal your pocket watch,

But the meth head will stick around and help you look for it.

Meet the new meth, same as the old meth.

(Story source – Secret Squirrel, Colorado GMO Pot Assignment)

PT Rothschild

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