Mobile dabbing in a Kan.

Mobile dabbing in a Kan.


The number of options available when it comes to dabbing concentrates is continuing to increase as the industry becomes more mainstream. Materials, designs, and artistic concepts have drastically improved and companies are developing new products that are designed to bring out the best in cannabis concentrate consumption and culture.

One particular aspect that has seen major improvements is the concept of mobile dabbing. Being able to consume concentrates whenever it is desired without the need for sometimes larger and more complicated systems that become rather cumbersome when on the go.

There are a few options available to make mobile dabbing an easier, more enjoyable, and more effective experience. One such innovation is the 710 KAN, a dabbing device that was designed with complete portability in mind. While other companies are making use of  electrical systems, the 710 KAN uses a traditional torch method with a U.S.A GR 2 titanium heating element at its center. Instead of glass, the exterior housing is made up of a special polycarbonate material. This makes the 710 KAN a very durable and easy to clean product whereas conventional glass is often susceptible to breaking. After the titanium is heated, it is enclosed within the design to help prevent accidental mishaps that can occur from a conventionally exposed hot nail. There is also a convenient removable metal space within the product itself that can be used to store the included dabber.



We spoke with the makers of the 710 KAN to find out a little more about the design:

What first inspired you to develop your product?

“We developed the concept in 2011, at the time we were working on a method for consuming bubble hash but as the industry evolved and dabbing became more popular we eventually decided to shift towards the titanium nail setup.”

How has the cannabis community responded to the 710 KAN?

“We’ve made several appearances at various cannabis events and have gotten a ton of positive feedback. We’ve turned a lot of heads and have earned a lot of support from everyone who has had the opportunity to try it. We wanted to make something that was both effective and affordable, based on the reviews and testimonials we’ve received we are quite happy with the results.”

Do you have any plans for the future?

“It took a lot of effort for us to gather all the patents and develop the equipment to make the product. Despite the hardships we’ve encountered we continue to see a ton of support for the 710 KAN. We still receive requests form all over and we continue to see love and support for our products. We hope to continue that support as we progress into the future.”

We’d like to thank the people behind 710 KAN for taking the time to speak with us about their awesome product, for more information on the 710 KAN you can visit their website at:

You can also see a quick demo of the 710 KAN here:  710 KAN instructional Video

Remember that when using the 710 KAN: DO NOT heat the polycarbonate material. Only apply the touch the top of the titanium heating element.

IMG_4221 IMG_4222









Photos by: Matthew Lopez.

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