James Brown made a song titled ‘It’s A Man’s World’ that became a big crossover hit. The song didn’t cross over into another music genre but it crossed over racial lines and became celebrated by non-black men, aka white men. Indeed, when you look at the world today, the governments, the leaders, the societal structure, even the three leading religions available, they all seem to be saying the same thing, it is a man’s world and one of the best ‘things’ in it, are women. I remember using that line in college on a young woman from New York who immediately shot me a glare and questioned, ‘thing?’

Today that chauvinistic attitude is alive and well in almost every facet of life, even the cannabis culture. However in this hood there are warrior women who refused to stampeded, herded, or pimped out by allowing smooth-talking shysters, all male, to run patients into the high paying columns of profit. One of the loudest voices crying in the weed wilderness the clearest is Letitia Pepper, a tireless Riverside attorney for cannabis over the years.

Standing up to the political attempts to railroad MMJ patients by the DPA backed cronies nesting in San Jose to derail all the gains hard fought for by voters is the undaunted Letitia, our NEWS first warrior woman as we move toward legality for non-medicals.

Several years ago when the ‘legal weed’ banner flew in with the sloppily 420NEWS Letitia Pepper warrior for cannabiswritten ‘but we will fix it later’ Prop 19 initiative, Letitia Pepper was one of the few voices that said ‘read the damn thing, its bullshit.’ You see, Letitia had read it and comprehended the context, spotting the loopholes others, even legal patients, had jumped over in an effort to be ‘legit’.

Ever intelligent and sharp-eyed, the NEWS is proud to support and hail the saucy Letitia Pepper as a true cannabis warrior woman. It used to be a man’s world but James Brown is dead. Both his good feet are pointing up, like our hopes for a free Mary Jane.


PT Rothschild

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