Coming on the heels of the Global Marijuana March is the global March Against Monsanto. The NEWS was at Laguna for theirs.

march against monsanto - single girl with sign against blue sky

After getting the word out, it was ‘Monsanto Avengers Assemble’ under beautiful blue beach skies and crisp air warmed to the sun.

march against monsanto - back of crowd at beach

The assembled group at Laguna Beach amassed along the sidewalk curve of the beach to support sounded from car horns and cheers.

march against monsanto - sidewalk shot lagunamarch against monsanto - sidewalk throng diversity

Then it was time to march against Monsanto.

march against monsanto - leading the parade

Most everyone wanted a sign to carry.

march against monsanto - little kid big sign

One local artist resident joined the march, knowing the cause.

march against monsanto - local artist joins march

We got rhythm to chant to, from another local, so the beat went on.

march against monsanto - drumming the beat in the march

Event coordinators Carol Fant, left, and John Diaz, right, spend months lining up the event and speaker session with the city.

march against monsanto - john and carol on march

Whole families who are now aware came to be a part of the march.

march against monsanto - red shirt family

Returning to the beach area after the demonstration march, we heard first from Brett Wilcox, author of two books exposing Monsanto’s lies.

march against monsanto - brett holds up his book

Radio host professor Peter Mathews spoke and then opened up the floor for questions, because Monsanto is a complicated monster [see complete history here], with the most poignant coming from children.

march against monsanto - child asks question to Peter Mathews

The next generation of Monsanto protestors gets ready.

march against monsanto - youth pickets at laguna

Then it was time for the finish group shot wrap-up.

March against monsanto - Laguna beach group shot

Here’s what you can do now.

(All photos: Johnny’s brother, Steven Storm)

PT Rothschild

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