Man charged for learning to grow cannabis over internet

Man charged for learning to grow cannabis over internet

A man who learned to grow his own cannabis over the internet because his benefits would not cover his 40 euros a day habit is facing eviction in North Yorkshire, England.

Luke Scott, who is 39 and has been a regular cannabis user since the age of 15, could not sustain the cost on his 60euros-a-week living allowance, and gathered some equipment from friends to set up his own cannabis grow.

Police spied on him taking the ventilation and lighting standard grow equipment into his home, and executed a drugs warrant.

Pauline Lambert, the prosecutor, told the court:

“This takes place back in May, when police have seen on video CCTV, Mr Scott, along with two other men, carrying ventilation and lighting equipment into a 10-storey block of flats at Upavon Court.”

“Police then execute a misuse of drugs warrant and find Mr Scott within the address.”

“In one of the bedrooms are 15 cannabis plants, growing inside a greenhouse made with lighting, ventilation equipment and wiring.”

“A further search of the property found a further 17 plants growing inside an airing cupboard, and saw the electricity meter had been bypassed.”

“He is then arrested and fully admits he has installed this production equipment.”

“He said he had learned how to abstract electricity on the internet and avoided paying the electricity, although part of the bill he was still paying for.”

“He says he has been smoking drugs for a long time, and had an opportunity to get hold of some growing equipment, and thought he would have a go himself. He said he had planned to smoke the produce.”


Richard Williams, defending, said: “This is the first time he had tried to grow his own cannabis.”

“The items and accessories were given to him by a friend, and he had taught himself how to set this up by use of the internet.”

“It is quite incredible what one can find over the internet these days.”

“It was always his intention to use the plants for his own personal use.”

“There is no suggestion of personal enterprise. He is a long term cannabis user since the age of 15.”

“He is living on his own, and as a consequence of the warrant which the police executed, he has been served notice to be evicted.”




What is your thoughts on this ? Do you agree with the longtime cannabis user, that his case is justified? Or do you think due to the illegality of cannabis, the police had the right to intrude on this man’s grow?


Scott was given a 12-month community order with supervision and a drugs rehabilitation requirement. He was also made to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work and pay compensation of 443.27 euros to the electric company, a victim surcharge of 60 euros, 50 euros in court costs, and a criminal courts charge of 180 euros.

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