Today is the future, and obtaining your meds can be as simple as 1-2-3.

If you live in a compassionate MMJ friendly area, you can start with Leafly, an online service. Use the handy instructions to view what services are available in your area. Make your selection.

The next step is to register your ID and rec information, visit the menu and then check out. A bit of advice here. It is best to plan ahead and register a day before you actually place your first order. That way you can inquire as to any new patient discount offers.

In the menu section, you sometimes have options that might not be available to you when in person, such as a sampler offer for the same price as your standard 1/8th price. The Sampler was our sampler.

Going through the checkout was like losing your virginity. There it was, sales tax and delivery fees. Like getting your contact lens through the mail. However, once you get past the nostalgia, you can go hit the social media and let the clock go by for the next day delivery.

Shortly after nine or so, a box, very common looking, appeared on our door. The label is professional and you may wonder about the size ratio.

Once inside your home, the cut open, cardboard box reveals a packing list receipt and a big lab quality heat-sealed specimen plastic pouch. The heat-sealed pouch reveals a sample edible [(3) delicious Gingerbread Bites] and a heavy duty transparent sealed sleeve containing your sampler, 4 different strains, each labeled in type and actual weight. All were over an avg. of .03.

Our Sampler offered two previously heard of strains and two unknown. The selection came with two hybrids, an indica and a sativa. All four also had a different bouquet, but the one that took the honors both in smell and mind change was, please, don’t shoot me I’m not making this up, it was the unknown strain named Pussy Cut 06.

And today’s cannasense tip: Out of hemp wick? Once you are used to lighting your leaf without butane or sulfur, you must find a substitute for hemp wick. Try using dried palm tree leaf pieces that can litter the lawn in a day, especially if you live in a windy area. Other natural bark or leaf spine can suffice. Remember to always use an ashtray, rather than the ground, to extinguish any wicks. Be safe. One Love

PT Rothschild

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