Mad Hatter Nutrients

Mad Hatter Nutrients


Nutrients and soils are the foundation of the cannabis production process. In the many years since legalization has taken place there have been a lot of companies dedicated to refining and producing the necessary materials needed to bring out the most in the cannabis plants growing cycle. The use of safe and properly formulated products can become the key difference between high quality and undesired plant material.

Many manufacturers have developed formulations that are extremely effective, however they often require a wide variety of products in order to be used to their fullest potential. Others have found methods of increasing productivity by making use of questionable grow materials that are simply not suited for cannabis. In the end, this can effect a variety of things such as taste, smoothness, weight, and overall potency of the final product. Fortunately there are many companies and producers who insist on sustainable, organic, and time tested materials, methods, and grow regimens that are not only simplistic, but also effective and safe. For those in need of a product line with proven reliability, there is Mad Hatters Nutrients and Soils from Homestead Hydro.

The Mad Hatter nutrient line has been in establishment since early 2014. Founded in Michigan on the idea of simplifying the grow process by providing all of the key essential materials needed to for both short term and long term plant health. Their basic lineup consists of a Rooted, Grow Bomb, Bud Bomb, and Harvest formula regimen that when used in conjunction with each other, help to ensure the plants healthy lifecycle. Derived from kelp extract, humic acids, micro nutrients, and other beneficial ingredients tested for their effectiveness and garden safety, these nutrients increase the sustainability of the plants vital processes in both it’s vegetative and flowering stages all the way up to the days of final cleanup and harvest. What makes Mad Hatter Nutrients and Soils additionally effective is the use of their very special “Integrated Plant Growth Fertilizers” and BioPlex Organics “OPRA” Formulating Technology™

For those who are more experienced or adept at growing and want to experience what Mad Hatters lineup can truly offer, they provide an entire lineup of products such as various soil options, mother nutrients, foliar, root rinse, and even bio-char.

For defense against pests and problems that can occur to even in the most tidiest of gardens. There is Bug-X, Mad Hatter’s alternative to conventional pesticide. Meant to be used as an alternative to heavier neem and pyrethrums, Bug-X contains a mixture of botanical ingredients that require a zero re-entry and are effective against a list of over 80 different insects and pests. Bug-X is safe for use indoors or outdoors, and if necessary can be used to treat up to even up to the last days of harvest.

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