Los Angeles Trapathon: Awesome, Excellent, and Unfortunate

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It was a somber moment as the Trap-a-thon event in LA’s China Town closed down due to police presence on April 2,2016. No arrests were made however the event was forced to close down 2 hours early as a result. We spoke with the people behind the Trapathon before the event began to understand more about the overall experience that was meant to be.

“The event was a tribute to the Trap, Rap, and EDM music scene while incorporating the local cannabis community competitions that Los Angeles patients have grown to know and love. We started our company with a desire to fill a niche that the local industry was falling a little short with. We wanted to create events that involved not only the local community, but also themes that coincided with the variety of patients who participated. We’ve done quite a few cannabis events throughout the years, one of our most recent noted events is the Dab Crown that took place earlier in January (2016) which was an absolute success.”

The event began at green time- 4:20pm. At 6pm or so, local police came to verify that the event was in compliance and respectful of the local avenue. It left the mood temporaily quiet, however the vibe quickly returned to normal as it was simply an issue with the loudness of the music and semi-nude models. The event continued on, but at 9pm (two hours short of the 11pm intended closing time) event-goers were told it was time to call it a night.

We briefly spoke with an event goer who was assisting with one of the booths:

“I was near the front door when the police entered the building. They said they didn’t care about the cannabis, the problem was with the music and nudity. I personally have no problem with it; it wasn’t really that big a deal, but it was enough for them to close the event.”

We also spoke with the Trapathon creators:

It is rather unfortunate that the event was closed down.

“We’re definitely disappointed, it’s never fun to have an event closed down, but we’ll push forward and continue with our work. We look at this unfortunate incident as a sign that there is still work to be done when it comes to cannabis regulations and so we’ll continue support the cannabis industry in an effort to provide safe venues for which patients, vendors, and event-goers alike can come together to celebrate this beautiful plant.”

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

“Despite the unfortunate shut down, we’re still receiving a ton of positivity from people who attended. We still have the Dab Crown 2 coming up in June as well.  We’ll be bringing the same beautiful energy that made the first Dab Crown a success and we’ll be including a list of familiar sponsors as well as new faces and performances for our guests to enjoy.”

For more information on any of their upcoming events that will be made available to visit, you can check them out at various social media at:

Instagram: @thetrapathon

You can also contact them through the Dab Crown event network;

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dab-Crown-115521025474395/?fref=ts




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