This past weekend the High Times Cannabis Cup was held in San Bernardino. If you missed it, don’t worry, it’s also happening this coming weekend.

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That’s right 420nurses. If you couldn’t break away to work the Cup last weekend, you still have this weekend to celebrate the Cup, meet some new friends, smoke some bomb weed, and promote the brand. Contact your local Chapter Leader for details.

The splitting the festival over two weekends follows the breakout of Coachella, a festival that too was underground before becoming the next big thing. Now the oldest of the cannabis events representing the premiere pot magazine, High Times, has grown enough in popularity that this year’s Cup blazes through two consecutive weekends, a total of 5 days.

The HTCC has long tried to host a place in LA but the market has remained closed to the northern Cali show. Even the times when a venue was secured and posters made up, the powers that be would shut down the LA venue and a fast hustle would ensue to find a replacement venue. A number of times it was the NOS Center in San Bernardino, which if you knew the area, isn’t the place you would expert to support such a cause. But there you go.

A further change is this Cup is open to anyone 18+, with or without a recommendation. There is a special section for the MMJ patients where you can also get and try samples.

PT Rothschild

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