After the forces financed through the DPA [Drug Policy Alliance] headed by Ethan Nadelmann, an organization supported by the evil twin of Scrooge McDuck (George Soros/Monsanto) were defeated in California by the efforts of people like Letitia Pepper, the mags and weed talking head outlets together clamored that California had lost out. Thank God, or

After the forces financed through the DPA [Drug Policy Alliance] headed 420NEWS Letitia Pepper warrior for cannabisby Ethan Nadelmann, an organization supported by the evil twin of Scrooge McDuck (George Soros/Monsanto) were defeated in California by the efforts of people like Letitia Pepper, the mags and weed talking head outlets together clamored that California had lost out. Thank God, or we could be Obama’s pilot Monsanto GMO pot experiment on unknowing citizens going on in Colorado who as you read this latest report of those lining up to blow their brains out. Our latest report:

“I work in the [redacted] office, and one of closet neighbors is The Clinic of Colorado. So we’ve had a firsthand glance at just how global Denver is becoming. When people are coming all the way from Libya, South Africa, and Russia just to buy weed, you know something is in the air.

Lining up to blow your brains outSimply put, people from all over the world have been flocking to Denver, Colorado the past three weeks–for the love of weed. While the Mile High State has long been a tourist attraction for skiers, stoners, and hikers, a majority of 2014′s visitors share the same refrain: “we came for that stuff too..but mostly the legal [GMO] weed.”

The New Year’s travel rush has predictably calmed down some, but recreational sales remain at a steady, lucrative pace (and price), and every day, more people are moving here or visiting Colorado to live free and get high. Because Denver has become the epicenter of both Colorado and America’s weed scene, from both an industry and stoner perspective. [See pps. 308-308 for this prophetic scenario, Memoirs of Mr. Pete, Amazon]

The comparisons to Amsterdam are unavoidable, even if they’re cliche and wrought with inaccuracies.

Amsterdam and Denver are–from both cultural and political stances–extremely divergent cities with a different ethos. But the comparisons are inevitable, as is the reality that Americans are taking a quicker, cheaper flight to Denver than Amsterdam to get their weed rocks off.

Thus, while Denver might not have the Coffee Shop lifestyle, the hookers in windows, or french fries with 30 different toppings (but we got fries), the city has–at least for Americans–become a more convenient alternative to Amsterdam.

Of course, Amsterdam remains a beautiful city and, unlike Denver, has a much calmer, traditional weed scene (the Dutch smoke spliffs, not dabs; they lounge, they don’t abuse). But if you want to see some of the best (albeit slightly dry) weed and hash in the world–while also seeing firsthand the companies becoming the Anheuser Buschs of this world, Denver, not Amsterdam, is the place to be.

And it’s only going to get crazier as the current 20 or so recreational shops balloon to 100, and more companies get more funding to do crazy, revolutionary [think GMO] things to this industry. Amsterdam, for all its beauty and cannabis lore, doesn’t have the weed tech companies, the lucrative businesses, and the caPOTalism that’s taking place in Denver.

There’s also no denying Amsterdam has more history (Anne Frank!), a richer culture (Van Gogh!), the best haze (albeit improperly dried) and is still the place to find magical mushrooms over the counter. Amsterdam’s marijuana program is a successful, longstanding social experiment designed to empower the people, for harm reduction, and to benefit society (the government doesn’t see sales tax dollars, just a standard business income tax). Denver’s program–while socially beneficial–is more of a financial and political play, realizing that weed has and will continue to save its economy (hence the lofty sales taxes). Amsterdam has the better intentions from a moral standpoint, but from a revolutionary standpoint…[or technological, cough Monsanto]

The Weed is Just Better. America has the best weed in the world: period. We hear you California. Your OG Kush is the loudest, but you know, some people can’t handle OG Kush all day, every day. And growing weed in Colorado compared to California is akin to playing a football game in sub-zero, blizzard conditions versus San Diego sun. Cali may have the most dispensaries and “the dankest weed” but Colorado really isn’t far behind. And you don’t have to worry about the LAPD raiding your favorite dispensary while you’re making a purchase. Amsterdam’s weed, for all intents and purposes, is mostly mediocre. Genetics may be born there, but they come to Denver to thrive, to breed, and to innovate. Whether it’s the Tangie or the Kosher Kush, new strains come to Denver to flourish. And they are simply delicious.

people moving to Colorado map

The above map shows all the difference states (and even countries) that people travelled from to visit Colorado this New Year and purchase legal, recreational cannabis in just two weeks. As you can see, nearly every state–from Alaska to New York to Hawaii to Texas came through. Visitors from countries came from Canada to South Africa to Mexico to Australia to even Liberia and Russia. Because it’s the “New Amsterdam.”

According to The Daily Beast, 36,284 people moved to Colorado in 2013, an 8,000 person increase from 2012. According to Business Insider, “flight search demand to Denver has been 6.3% higher than the national average since December 1st.” Most of Denver’s flight traffic is coming from nearby Midwestern states, with Nashville (a 63% increase), Minneapolis (58%), and Detroit (53%) leading the charge of the dry cities.

As we’ve noted before, people have been coming not only from all over the United States, but all over the world to sample Denver’s finest herb. And flights are spiking in price because of that.

Just a few months ago, I flew to Los Angeles for $150. Now, that flight (even in June) costs a minimum of $222, according to Expedia. Needless to say, Denver’s economy and Denver International Airport are benefiting from legal weed across the board.

If you want to see the future of weed, Denver, Colorado is the place to be. Here are some reasons why if you choose Bud over Beer, you should make it a point to visit Denver as soon as humanly possible.”

– That firsthand report reveals the dire straits facing people from the World’s Deadliest Enemy. The cry has gone out, only to be answered by The World’s Mightiest Sisterhood. Be here for the next exciting NEWS report on the global menace threatening stoners and they don’t even know it, yet, in the continuing saga, The Great Colorado GMO Pot Experiment. Same NEWS channel, same NEWS time.

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