Life Experiences

Life Experiences

What is a life time? Is there an answer? A lifetime could be long or short. Just recently we had a great loss within our 420Nurses Family. I also suffered a great loss of my own within my personal family.

Loved ones sometimes leave us too soon. We must cherish all things, friends, family, material things and monetary. Anything can be taken away within the blink of an eye and nothing or tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us. Life experiences like death, birth, and major occurrences make us who we are and mold us into the beings we will become in the future. Food for thought…Always tell your loved one you love them and call them when you are thinking about them. They will always appreciate the thought of you thinking of them. There is always a loss from something like losing a loved one, friend or family. There is also great knowledge to gain from a loss such as this.

RiP... ... ... Purple Haze & Andrew S. Torres!

RiP… … … Purple Haze & Andrew S. Torres!

Whether it be a lesson learned or simply information that someone has passed on from one individual to the next; life experiences affect us in many different ways throughout our lives. Pay attention to them, they could be trying to show you something.!!!!


Doc Blah Blah

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