Last week a state bill got started in the committee stage concerning GMO 420food. A blog was posted in the blog section of 420Nurses.com alerting folks and asking for help with just a phone call. A story asking for help was NOT posted to the NEWS or to the Calendar. This was to test the power of the 420Nurses as a marketing/campaign tool. The results follow.

“Dear Friends, I have very happy to report that OUR BILL PAST ITS FIRST COMMITTEE “HURDLE”!

Health committee vote yesterday: 5 yes, 2 no, 2 absent.  Voting yes were Evans, DeSaulnier, Monning, Wolk & Beall. Voting no:  Democrat Ed Hernandez of LA & Republican Joel Anderson.  Monning committed as co-sponsor recently after educational visits and phone calls from our volunteers!!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU HELPED MAKE PHONE CALLS – THEY WERE A HUGE HELP!!  It is going to be our grassroots effort that is going to make this pass – our passion and commitment. Enjoyed hearing story of our success from Label GMOs leader Pamm Larry in an email.”

For those who wonder the common thread for pot people, the corps who make money off patented processed food are the same ones who stand to make money off of selling patented GMO pot, as you CAN’T patent a natural plant. GMO weed, like GMO food, is not natural.

moms across america(1)

One other point. Pamm Larry, Lisa Kassner – SFV Co-Coordinator, and the efforts of Zen Honeycutt, plus countless other women, moms, and male volunteers like OC’s John Diaz were pushed under the bus by self-centered male egos running other anti-Monsanto groups back east. Being out in the trenches with them, that pissed me off.

GMO and leader mom points to her kids

So here’s what’s cracking. Check this site early as possible Monday to find who you should call, just 5 this time. These calls are to the Agriculture Committee. These might be the same people to call in keeping legal grows for MMJ patients. Really, we are all in this together!

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“This is like a race with someone jumping hurdles.  We clear them all and make it to the finish line. Thanks for being on the team!! Let’s do it!” – Lisa

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