Follow up on Summer Rain’s report to the I-502 legal weed status at ground level reveals legal weed sucks like Simple Jack.

Discounting the dumbassery of government pencil-dicks to spin gold into straw, the non-compassionate attitude toward the patient is compounded by the need to tax weed for recreational at 37%, and this weed isn’t on the middies level [ditch weed – swag – middies – chronic, kind, kush, top shelf, etc.] – Mr. Pete].

Two different ‘pre-rolls’ were sampled. Both were touted as very good. The second pre-roll had these specifics: April Showers 30.24% THC, net 1 gram, D.O.H. 4-8-2015 THC 30.24. THC – A 29.65, CBD .58. The distributor and the producer/processor each have a separate UBI index number. [$10]

Here’s the breakdown. Each UBI number costs something and the Dept. of Health have added a new staff from their fees, plus the 37% tax. Next year they will roll up the MMJ patients into that program somewhere. At present, no one seems to know just how that will play out. One can only hope the patients can get a Jewish lawyer who tokes to file a class action injunction for them.

On the plus side, you can score this bunk weed fairly easily even without following your nose. The second shop visit was more urban being in the city and not in the suburbs [both Tacoma, WA], and had an impressive glass display which offered a full array of merchandise cannabis-wise. Edibles, flower, and concentrates were found in ample supply except for pre-rolls, which at $8 (a pinner, a third the size of a regular pre-roll [$10] found at any cannabis sanctioned event), seemed to be the popular item in general.

The medical clinics, now in jeopardy, offer a much better grade of cannabis at a cheaper rate closer to the medical rate now in Southern California, per Mr. Pete, who has visited clinics from SD, RC, OC, SB, and LA counties. A drawback is the lack of reciprocity between states so a valid recommendation would be recognized, allowing a visitor to purchase ‘meds’ not ‘recreational’ when in town.

Besides, why should stoners have to buy bunk weed anyway just because they are stoners? This isn’t cough syrup, cannabis is something that helps one person out in one way and another person differently. As a wheel chair-bound MD canactivist once told me during a conversation,

“It’s true the cannabis helps me much better than the 25 prescriptions the doctors had me on, but actually, when I smoke [in gatherings] with you [non-disabled people] like this and have good conversations, I feel normal [and not disabled]. That’s why I love pot.”

More and more, it appears as California will have to lead the nation in the sane and compassionate move to make CCHI 2016 the Law of The Land.

Sampled legal shops, Clear Choice and Urban Bud.

PT Rothschild

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