Fourth of July weekend was filled with tons of excitement as people took to the pools, blew up firecrackers, and invited friends and family over to barbeque. Another event was happening that weekend and not too far from Mickey’s favorite place, Disneyland.

Kush Expo was held at the Anaheim Convention Center and had an inside area for merchants and an outside medicating zone. Inside were many booths such as Dabstix, Pulse Glass, Cloud Penz, Platinum Vape, and Cake Life. Anaheim Patient Care was a prominent booth with both a golden throne to sit on and the chance to grab bills in the Cash Booth.

420Nurses interns, KimiDabzAlot and SFTDabz, were working the Smoke Filled Thoughts booth at Kush Expo. They were selling their “Dab Time?”, “Smoke Filled Thoughts” and “Girl’s Best Friend” attire inside the event and had many people stopping to buy women’s tanks, shirts, and booty shorts as well as men’s shirts. SFT Smoke was busy patrolling the event taking photos and dabbing people out in the medicating area. Smoke Filled Thoughts is more than just a clothing brand, it is also the name of the 420Nurses chat room where all cannabis enthusiasts can smoke and dab together on cam. This is great for those lonely stoners that like to chat it up while dabbing it up, and is the place to see 420Nurses photoshoots live. Catch the Smoke Filled Thoughts crew moderating the chat room at 420Nurses.com/chat

SFT Dabz at the Smoke Filled Thoughts booth.

SFT Dabz at the Smoke Filled Thoughts booth. #SmokeFilledThoughtsPhotography

Another booth that caught the eye for variety, quality, and compassion was the Humboldt Honey Collective. I talked with Micah about this collective that carries genuine high quality Humboldt County Cannabis. The main attraction were the edibles made by Flavor of Humboldt consisting of chocolate chip cookies and gummy bears made with 200 mg of THC from Humboldt Honey buds. Flavor of Humboldt is an amazing company for it also provides safe and easy access for medical marijuana patients that normally can’t acquire their medication. To learn more about Humbodlt Honey and Flavor of Humboldt visit  humhoney.com and flavorofhumboldt.com

One downside to Kush Expo was the inability to purchase medical cannabis inside the event aside from edibles. There were numerous collectives including Anaheim Patient Care, Hope For Humanity, and Organix Wellness Center which boasted beautiful flowers and potent wax. You could purchase medical cannabis in the medicating area if you could find the vendor among the crowd. If not then edibles were your friend. Some of the booths that carried edibles were Green Garden Remedy, and the Kush Kakery. Green Garden Remedy carries medicated Peanut Butter, Jam, Maple Syrup and Honey including high CBD strawberry jam. Kush Kakery was selling its infamous Kush Cake Pops with 111  mg THC or 222 mg THC and Kush Cake Drops with 55 mg THC. Kush Cake Pops also sold their new Cake Pop Pipes and Cake Pop Vape Pens which are glass versions of their potent and beautiful treats. Follow the makers of Kush Cake Pops on Instagram @kushcakepops and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kushkakery

SFTDabz and Kush Cake Pops showing off pipes and edibles. #SmokeFilledThoughtsPhotography

SFTDabz and Kush Cake Pops showing off pipes and edibles. #SmokeFilledThoughtsPhotography

During the event the Dab Stars’ face, Jonah Tacoma, was giving away Dabstix from the podium and getting the crowd riled up for free stuff. He would work the crowd in the medicating zone and also dabbed out BReal of Cypress Hill. Everywhere you looked you saw the opportunity for having a good time and spending money on different medication, glass, or clothing.

At the end of the day after a lot of dabs and the opportunity to shop for edibles, hydroponic essentials, vape pens, and clothing it was time to get some dinner. So when the munchies came on the search then switched to food. It was a great way to end the day in Anaheim after experiencing Kush Expo.



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