The WEED WARS logo is our call to arms. Time to kill a bad MJ DUI bill in committee. Standing tall and making a call for food is one thing, now it is time to take care of Mary Jane, our claim to fame, not shame.

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The California Assembly Committee on Public Safety  heard testimony on AB 2500 Tuesday, April 29. No matter how many times in past legislative sessions these zero tolerance bills die ignominious deaths, they keep resurfacing again and again and again, introduced by legislative members who are nothing more than water boys for police. This time the bill has been introduced by Assembly Member Jim Frazier (D-Fairfield).

AB2500 sets arbitrary and unscientific limits on detectable levels of cannabis for legal patients. Although this bill is not a zero tolerance bill it might as well be as it sets the level for impairment at just 2 nanograms/ml of blood essentially making it a crime for a legal medical cannabis patient to drive with just an itsy bitsy tiny weeny amount of detectable THC.

This bill can be stopped dead in its tracks if enough medical marijuana patients contact committee members as the committee is chaired by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano, a longtime friend and supporter of mmj patients who will do his best to keep the bill from getting out of committee. Lots of calls from patients to committee members will help him do that.

420 and the true drunk driving studies

Please call as many members of the committee as you can. Call anytime and if the offices are not open, you can leave a message. Here is the list of committee members and their phone numbers.

Melissa A. Menendez (916) 319-2067

Reginald B. Jones Sawyer, Sr. (916) 319-2059

Bill Quirk (916) 319-2020

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (916)319-2054

Nancy Skinner (916) 319-2015

Marie Waldron (916) 319-2075

Tom Ammiano (916) 319-2017
(When you call Tom, thank him and tell him you called the other members so he knows of your support)

When you call tell ask for the Assembly Member to vote against AB 2500 because it makes criminals out of responsible, law-abiding medical cannabis patients. There is no scientific evidence that shows any impairment based on THC blood levels. If you are a patient you might mention why you use medical marijuana. Tell them the bill will impact your life since the metabolites of marijuana remain in your system for weeks after use. This bill essentially makes it impossible for you to ever drive legally. This bill is punitive and seeks to punish sick people.

Make your call personal, but keep it brief if asked your opinion. More than likely, your non-support and disapproval along with your name/town will be enough. Be sure and spread this around and keep it here for the updates.

Those Blood Moons aren’t just for the Jews.

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