Hi, I’m Abbysis with the 420Nurses. I’ve been an intern for over a year and a half, and one of the News Writers for a year now. Through this time I’ve made sure to interact with Cha Cha VaVoom, Summer Rain and the rest of the 420Nurses. I’ve paid close attention to those interns who

Hi, I’m Abbysis with the 420Nurses. I’ve been an intern for over a year and a half, and one of the News Writers for a year now. Through this time I’ve made sure to interact with Cha Cha VaVoom, Summer Rain and the rest of the 420Nurses. I’ve paid close attention to those interns who have become Official and why, the interns that didn’t find their place in the 420Nurses and why, the chapters that thrived or didn’t,  and what’s going on behind the scenes with Cha Cha and Summer. Through my experiences with the 420Nurses and the observations I have made I’ve realized some interns don’t know how to get the most out of the 420Nurses. We all need help so here are my tips.

1. Communication – The key to success in the 420Nurses lies in your communication skills. You need to be able to talk to Cha Cha and Summer to truly know if you are on the right track. Cause you’ll feel lost at times and for some reason you won’t call them up and ask for help. Cha Cha and Summer want to see every intern grow and get the most out of the 420Nurses so feel free to ask them questions. And if they are busy I invite you to ask me, Abbysis, for help.

2. No Drama – This is the other huge key to success in the 420Nurses. Drama gets you nowhere except for banned. No one wants to deal with it and it makes bonding with the interns difficult as well as puts pressure on business relations. You should be living by the creed of One Love and realizing as 420Nurses we all strive for equal access to cannabis. There is no time for drama.

3. Know What You are Representing – It is a fundamental part of being a 420Nurse to be a true feminist, and I do not mean a woman who demeans men. What I mean by feminist is a person who wants equality for everyone. That everyone can be free to look and express themselves however they see fit and that no one should impede on that right. As 420Nurses you can make your own style and integrate the gear into the clothes you wear. The 420Nurses become a part of you rather than just you becoming a part of the 420Nurses. So own what you put out there, realize it is your body and yours alone, and that you are a part of a unique business that wants to motivate women to take charge in green jobs.

4. Be Realistic – I’ve seen so many interns leave upset because they didn’t become Official. It takes time and a lot of effort so it will not happen overnight. You need to write blogs, give business reviews, post photos, gain fans and friends on the site, and stay in the 420Nurses public eye as much as possible. You are held in the highest regard once you are an Official so it is not given to just anybody.

5. Be Confident – You are now a part of the fastest growing modeling network worldwide which means you are truly beautiful the way you are. 420Nurses are unique because each model can represent themselves the way they want to be represented. So you are not trying to fit into a mold, you are expanding your portfolio as well as meeting interns, patients, and businesses. So take pride in being a part of the nation’s fastest growing modeling agency for women by women. You are beautiful!

6. Ignore the Rumors – As women in every industry know, you will be demeaned and degraded just for being there. Women are given the last chance and pushed aside in each new industry. So its normal for there to be rumors. Just remember it’s all talk aimed to bring everyone down. You are helping the cause by letting people know cannabis is your medicine and by working with the 420Nurses, you are given a voice you otherwise wouldn’t have.

7. Relax – This is a worry and anxiety free zone. It is understandable to be nervous when becoming a part of the 420Nurses. There is no need, just realize that everyone is here to strive towards the same goal of cannabis legalization. Everyone has their own unique way to contribute to this goal either through modeling, photography, activism, writing, being a chapter leader, or networking. So there is a place for you.

8. This is your Family, Treat it as Such –  The number one rule is to respect each other and to be kind to one another. We are an ever expanding family of cannabis patients that have been brought together through the 420Nurses. It is truly a beautiful thing to know you can go and visit a fellow 420Nurse in a different State or Country and feel totally accepted. I take comfort in knowing that I have friends already in other states if I chose to move. This is your family and there are so many different ways to bond with your fellow sisters.

9. Consistency – A huge key to success in the 420Nurses is being a consistent and motivated individual. If you login to the website, post photos, write blogs, post videos, go on chat, comment and like other photos on a regular basis then you will see feedback from fans and move up. Official Interns are consistent and will be at most events, meetings, and a continued presence online through various social media platforms. Like I said, this is work; but the more you put in the more you get out.

10. Be positive – Remember this is the cannabis community and no one wants a buzzkill. If you are experiencing negative emotions and are unable to keep them to yourself then you either need to medicate or you need to excuse yourself. We live by the creed of One Love and want everyone to feel comfortable and safe which means that negativity is never an option.

11. Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things – No matter what the reason is for why you are a 420Nurse, there is always something else you could be doing. Don’t be afraid to push your limits. Go to a photoshoot you might not normally think of going to and get more practice modeling. Learn a new skill such as writing or photography to expand your own knowledge. Reach out to businesses and interns anywhere, not just in places you think are safe.

 12. Call up businesses – To get sponsored you need to set up a relationship with businesses. The best way to do so is either in person or through the phone. And the best way to increase your chances of being sponsored by a business is just to call up every one that you can. Set up those business relationships and let them know you can help take them far.

13. Take this as a learning experience – No matter what happens at the 420Nurses. If you became an Official Intern or you decide it wasn’t really for you just realize this is all a learning experience. You learn how to interact with other women in a productive way, how to take direction, how to talk to businesses, how to model, and you get to meet new people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. This is an amazing experience and can really teach you a lot if you choose to let it. By having an open mind and working your ass off, results will come and you will be able to realize all the beautiful benefits of this unique company.

There are many things that a 420Nurse is required to do and many girls end up forgetting that. Remember hard work, investing your time, and reaching out to your fellow interns is a fundamental part of being a 420Nurse. And don’t forget to ask questions if you have any!

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