Join the Vaping Revolution featuring ZenPen

Join the Vaping Revolution featuring ZenPen

Now, vaping is a worldwide phenomenon that is hot. Zen Pen is having an extremely excellent promotion going on only for the month of June. BUY 2 CARTRIDGES, GET 1 FREE and BUY 1 STARTER KIT, GET 1 FREE. This is truly a money saving opportunity for the dispensary owner or the recreational smoker.

So, what is a Zen Pen? The Zen Pen is a personal premium micro-vaporizer. You are vaping concentrated medical grade cannabis oil.

The cannabis oil has been removed from the flower by an extraction process called hydrocarbon extraction. Then, the cannabis oil is put into cartridges that are used in conjunction with the vaporizer. The Zen Pen is rechargeable. It comes with a USB charger that you can plug in anywhere.

The Zen Pen is better than smoking regular flower because vaping is healthy, it’s less expensive than smoking flowers, it’s easy to use, is very discreet, and the prices are very reasonable. The Starter Kit includes a Zen Pen vaporizer, USB charger, and smash proof aluminum case for only $20.
Join the vaping revolution and get your Zen Pen, today. It’s very simple. Send me a message to order or if you have any questions. Remember, you want to take advantage of the savings while they last.


written by: 420nurse *MetalVixen*

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