Though you may have heard about the release of the JFK Files in the usual ‘Trump is bad’ clamor, the real story occurred in 2013 at a book signing by author Roger Stone, a Nixon friend and Washington insider who was in the 1st grade when John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas. I, on the other hand, was a freshman in college.

Please watch the following video and then understand what this means in solving not only the JFK assassination, but also the Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Robert F. Kennedy assassinations in 1967 & 68, respectively.

These 3 political assassinations established a future pattern of public Federal Government hits; place your professionals on the ground to do the job, have a ‘patsy’ aka fall guy to label as ‘the lone gunman’, and of course, blame the Russians.

The period of history 1963-1968 had other government assassinations, like Malcolm X, as this was the period of time that Lyndon B. Johnson was in office. Johnson’s wife, Ladybird [her real name], made millions off the false flag Vietnam War along with Monsanto and the banksters. The general public was also caught up in the war economy as thousands were employed in that effort.

The ‘patsys’ that followed Oswald, a government tool, were James Earl Ray [real shooter is Johnson’s guy, a expert military shot killed after Johnson left office, and Sirhah Sirhah; three CIA shooters were identified in the basement area when Bobby Kennedy was killed.

It is important to know that Stone’s work wasn’t all his alone but a case made from the work of Jim Garrison, see Oliver Stone‘s JFK, and clues provided from witness reports of past investigations, plus some fine sleuthing done by Stone himself.

In these last days all of Man’s secrets are being revealed as the system of money ends dominance and cannabis readies itself to be the new earth economic base.

PT Rothschild

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