Is fire an overrated term for cannabis?

Is fire an overrated term for cannabis?

I have been smoking cannabis for quite some time. When you first start smoking; everything is either dope, fire, smoking, or dank. Now as the years have gone by, I understand everything from strains to phenos; indicas to sativas and hybrids. I fall in a world where people misuse the term fire when it comes to cannabis. Why can’t people just say its good weed/cannabis? Seven years ago my world changed once I watched Mr. Green, with my uncle, on how to grow weed. Where I lived at that time it was just the dominate force of sour d or haze. Growing your own made me realize the product in the streets wasn’t really that  good. Didn’t know no better.

Fast forward to years later; and I had moved down south. I committed myself to build my craft in cultivation. I got tired of people telling me it’s fire and not knowing the strains so I can look it up to see the characteristics. What I noticed is that no drug dealer or plug is going to say it’s just good weed. So they over-hype it. The first cycle I grew was strawberry cough and sour blueberry. After harvest and curing I realized that my bud was better then what was in the streets. I wasn’t cocky.  I was just tired of wasting money on people lying about the quality of the cannabis. I  realized that the word fire is used so much because  it covers nothing but bs. Later in the year i felt comfortable letting someone else besides me and my wife try my weed. First joint we smoked my associate tells me its “fire” and that it’s the best in town. So I stopped him and just told him to say it’s good weed; I don’t promote the word fire. I believe in just telling the truth about my weed and others really don’t.

Can it be that a lot of smokers are unaware of strains? Or are they just stuck in this stigma that everything is fire? People think because it’s from California it’s always fire. I smoked below average bud from Cali and people over-hyped the cannabis. It’s an industry where I can say a lot of product gets rushed out to the people. Is the industry, magazines or genetic companies at fault? I know the hustle is real but can’t honesty be at the same level? It’s like the topic; which is better hydro or soil; indoor or outdoor; leds or hps/mh. Do we blame the growers for putting poor efforts into the product and the curing process? Are the genetics washed up? Who knows. So my question to my fellow potheads is this; Is fire an overrated term?  Lets create a fine line between what’s good and what’s not. Let’s heal the world with cannabis and not lie for profits.

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