Before indoor plumbing was the outhouse, a place of great relief that stunk. Cali’s fight for legal weed is today’s outhouse.

The latest on the CCHI2016 is this. There is movement and names are being gathered but the same push that didn’t get the job done before has gathered its same momentum. This is a recipe for failure. However, this time is different. This time we are out of time. Monsanto stands in front of our grass house ready to blow.

The forces of evil stand ready to slow any solidarity trying to take shape as a way to mass MMJ voters into a voting bloc. Against this backdrop of uselessness, corruption, avarice, and ego, we find the same old, same old in terms of official retort as each organization wants to be that guy. Jack Herer was the only guy and always will be to ‘true believers’ in the realm of compassionate freedom for cannabis.

The NEWS will not be printing or reprinting progress claimed by organizations unless it advances the CCHI2016 agenda. Everyone has an agenda, that one is ours.

The NEWS has learned that an activist group at the heart of the CCHI movement, responsible for updated changes, will be putting together an official website shortly. The group has a resume that includes hemp education and Occupy Los Angeles as well as art/activist ties to indigenous peoples.

CCHI2016 banner

To advance the petition drive this time around, a radical funding plan is in the works. Though the plot is more secret than a closed set, the NEWS is a very deep cover person inside. At present a visual presentation is being put together to advance this plan to the first step. It’s a long way to 2016.

The reality is, a lot of young MMJ patients, growers, shopkeepers, and others in that food chain aren’t your average demo of a voter. When getting signatures it seemed the next demo that responded after someone genuine, was the troublemaker class. That is the barrier class which must be breached to reach the average man/woman ‘on the street’ voter demo.

Somehow a ‘lightning in a bottle’ moment has to occur for that to happen.

Right now, as big as our MMJ fight seems in the news, we are a sandlot game out in the sticks at a trailer-park noteworthy because the world sees patients as ‘stoners’ [giving Monsanto benefit of our stigmatized isolation from the other GMO fighters].

It would seem some magic or miracle is needed to spark the momentum.

Look over us Jack.

Jack Herer preaching hemp back in the day

Stay tuned, this is a developing story.

PT Rothschild

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