Though the NEWS covered the March Against Monsanto/GMA opening 420 and make a bee line to the beach 2protest demonstration concerning GMOs and GMO-related topics like TPP, the 420Nurses were not in attendance at Dana Point and some observers have questioned why since the GMO issue concerns pot or Mary Jane. Part of the function of the NEWS is to explain policy interpretations pertaining to group participation.

Activists detected the GMO tie-in as the agency branch tracks the trending motion of the traffic any subject on the web generates. The goal of the agency is to grow the group through public awareness by visually promoting the medicinal and sensual properties of cannabis. In pop culture, news mags and weekly print tabloids put ads related to marijuana next to the adult sex promotion section. Traffic equates to growth and the reverse is true.

GMO Dana Point group shot with signs

With no story fan despite some feminine interest or push the way other stories pertaining to the ongoing GMA lobbyist group plans to try and derail meaningful GMO legislation got, the recruiting branch which promotes instead interviewed new young women interested in being interns.

A further hamper was the unexpected illness of a key staff member who has since recovered.

At any rate the full event story with pictures can be found here.

In the meantime changes are in the works to expand coverage of the NEWS, both traffic-wise and subject-wise, from the land of four moons.  

four moons out tonight CC and Summer

PT Rothschild

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