Today if you watch the Congressional hearings over the marijuana question, you see people who don’t know jack about weed. The very notion that these people are discussing something they know nothing about is akin to getting sex advice for your honeymoon from the Pope.

So, if you have ever wondered why the government treats Mary Jane like a Russian mistress, you don’t know jack.

If you have never talked to your grand or great grandparents about cannabis, you don’t know jack.

If you ever wondered about weed in the Bible; after all, everything else is, you don’t know jack.

If you thought the cannabis question just bubbled up as the top issue by itself, you don’t know jack.

If you have never heard about the Hemperor, you don’t know jack.

If you think heroes are born, not made, you don’t know jack.

If you love cannabis and what it does for you but you never heard the name Herer [rhymes with terror], you don’t know Jack.

Now, from Everything420.com, here’s your chance to meet our patron saint of pot. Roll one up, grab something for cotton mouth, pull up a comfy seat. And learn all about Jack. [pssst. If you know any Congressmen, pass this along to the clueless. Thanks!]

PT Rothschild

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