If People Smoked Marijuana Instead Of Drinking Alcohol On St. Patrick’s Day, The World Would Be Safer

If People Smoked Marijuana Instead Of Drinking Alcohol On St. Patrick’s Day, The World Would Be Safer

It is a fact that a lot of people consume alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day. It is also a fact that drunk driving is a problem as a result. Below are some facts found doing simple Google searches.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “On St Patrick’s Day alone, 32 percent of fatalities from motor vehicle crashes were connected to drunk driving.”

According to the Northern Delaware County DUI Taskforce, “On St. Patrick’s Day in 2009, 37 percent of the motor vehicle traffic fatalities involved at least one driver or motorcyclist with a blood alcohol content of .08 grams per deciliter or above.”

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, “figures show that 13 people died in crashes on St. Patrick’s Day since 2007 and seven of those crashes involved a driver who’d been drinking.”

St. Patrick’s Day is, depending on who you ask, a Christian feast day to honor the patron saint of Ireland, a worldwide campaign to showcase Ireland and its culture, or an excuse to get totally hammered in public with zero regrets. People take to the streets in cities around the world to proudly proclaim their Irish heritage. Rivers run green and Guinness flows as parades march past onlookers… Some of whom inevitably get very, very drunk.

A word of caution to drinkers, however: A recent study by the National Institute of Health concluded that researchers may be systematically underestimating risks associated with alcohol use. They also found that compared with other recreational drugs—including alcohol—marijuana may be even safer than previously thought. So this March 17, instead of reaching for the pint glass to celebrate St. Patrick, grab some real green.

Drunk driving is not the only problem. Problems with domestic violence, sexual assault, and alcohol poisoning also rise on St. Patrick’s Day. Yet, alcohol consumption is not only legal on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s highly encouraged. You can go into any corner market or grocery store and you will no doubt see displays all over the alcohol section for St. Patrick’s Day. My local grocery store has even moved the decoration and green plastic cup display to the front of the store to encourage shoppers to purchase their binge drinking party gear.

You can buy as much alcohol as I want and drink it until I die and there’s nothing to stop me. Yet if you walked around town smoking a marijuana joint, causing no harm to no other person, you would likely get tackled by the army of police officers that are overseeing the St. Patrick Day parties at all the local watering holes. In most towns, there are dozens of cops downtown during St. Patrick’s Day on foot, bicycles, motorcycles, and in vehicles. If everyone smoked marijuana instead of drinking alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day, there would be no need for all of those police. People would be peaceful and would likely just stay home instead of being out driving.

It is all about changing the mindset of society into believing cannabis and hemp can make a difference and be a daily alternative recreationally and medically. Lets start today, Instead of green beer and bars, lets go for some good green and bongs!

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