If It Weeds, It Leads

If It Weeds, It Leads

Hello and welcome to seeing the real news through the smoke that clouds every issue, from current events to past conclusions. Welcome to NEWS.420Nurses.com.

As the title shouts the news motivation for this site, that motivation is and will remain focused on cannabis in its entirety. Because cannabis is so multifaceted but remains one plant, this news site will feature the 420Nurses and their writers, also multifaceted in outlook, skills, creativity but remain united by One Love.

To accomplish the goal of bringing you, our reader, news that is interesting, informative, and essential, a combination of writing talent is being developed to launch this news network endeavor. To start, there will be a few seasoned writers like myself, but writing, editing, proofreading, and reporting positions are open just waiting to be filled.

Applying is simple. In the box ‘Writers Join’ lays an application to join our team of Newshound Nurses. All that is needed is a sense of adventure, a nose for news, an eye for detail, and a desire for destiny, which is to restore cannabis, aka Mary Jane, to its proper place in society, free and unrestrained from bias reporting.

420 and a big fat nug

Applicants will be given a short Nurses Aid course on Being a 420Nurse Newshound. This will cover ‘what’ is news, how to report news, and how to write the news. After completion and all questions, a ‘first edition’ news story will be submitted for review by all intern writers. Editors chosen are based on experience. Photographers are to offer photo examples. There will be no mandatory piss tests and a love for marijuana/cannabis is a prerequisite.

PT Rothschild

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