There is no denying that best most eye-catching attention comes from a well-placed ad featuring the ‘wow’ factor, i.e., a pretty girl, or guy, if you’re shooting for something in West Hollywood. However, for the sake of argument, we will keep the model subjects female, with the promise that all avenues can be covered including West Hollywood, if you know how to ‘nurse an ad’.

Also, ‘by ad’ we will address a single shot ad used in print or online sites that consist of a single shot product placement, not the selection of a show booth attendant or budtender.

So here you are, feet up on desk, and in your hand, you hold the prototype of your dream in the cannabis field. But you know diddly squat about marketing, composition, layout, and lighting. You do have a tagline for your piece of the dream, however, but that’s about it. Oh, and as a start-up, your budget is more lean than mean. What do you do?

The best and easiest way out of the box is to sell sensually rather than to use sex to sell. And anything attached to cannabis can be spun to make you stop, especially in this day and time.

An exclusive plus for Everything420 is access to the world’s largest modeling group in the Marijuana industry, the 420Nurses, who also represent my book, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, on my business cards.

The story of our meeting has been told in other articles, but long story short, a book on pot and a group of very attractive young ladies promoting the healing aspect of cannabis with a wink to fun –420– just made sense to me as an author. This was at a time when I first met them and knew nothing beyond what I saw, and felt. As I type these words, I can say that I wasn’t wrong in my estimation. The 420Nurses are as nice in person as they are attractive in moving your product. The ad layout below never fails to draw a look, a comment, or the tagline being uttered with a smirk.

At first glance of the layout, it seems simple enough, but the decision to crop the models’ faces at the lips level was made at my art direction because I could see the shot in my head. And that is the key to nursing an ad. You need to visualize the shot. Now comes the fun part.

Visualization requires inspiration. The best way to obtain that inspiration free is to follow the 420Nurses online [Instagram, or home the home website], then with your product in hand, browse the photos until the light bulb over your head goes off. To help you along, here are a few suggestions, after which we will give you the heads up on what to do next in how to nurse an ad.

Clothing ads:




Dab culture

Skateboard culture

Car culture

Trick shots

Bong and boob shots

Leg shots

Hand models

Face models

Holidaze and huffmark moments? No problem

Cannabis is One Love to All

So even if your ad plans are out on a limb,

The 420Nurses are the premiere cannabis artist models group,

To spread your green around in getting your idea or product noticed.

Call (800) 420-3207 today and tell them you want to Nurse An Ad.

[Disclaimer: pictured models are posed as suggestions only. Particular 420Nurses models may not be available at time of project.]

PT Rothschild

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