As the young MMJ crowd turn out for the Cakes By The Pound Tour now making its way across the country and the NCIC-MPP-NORML crowd suffers the same disarray as the DNC/DEMs, a small group of Old School cannabis activists met to reflect and reminisce in the wake of the Trumpet sounding against Prop 64. Like a bolt out of the blue, most of the group, including the Pot Goonies, were more relieved than ceremonious, except for two in attendance, that is.

While things can and do change on a dime these days, it is important to address each moment as an individual because that time might never happen again. Here in words and pictures, is the Pot Goonies wrap party for Prop 64.

The location was the city of Rialto, CA, home to the radio broadcast activist, Joe Hemp* seated, seen below with Hitman Farms grow person Eddie Funxta, at a #NoOn64 event in West Hollywood in 2016.

On this night the party entertainment was the Latin Fusion band Calle Placer.

They did a cover of Smooth Operator that brought everyone over to listen and video.

It was also a send-off party for ‘Joe’ as he plans on moving out-of-state shortly. So this wrap party really was a wrap party, complete with relatives.

Here Brad [WeHo, Cannabis Cup] and Pot Goonie Patrick Moore, center, keep warm with a family member, right. The band and the activists were the main medical users. The conversation went from the ‘left field’ sinking of Prop 64 to several Latino Trump supporters confiding to this reporter their election night concerns.

Inside the house, along with Pot Goonie Debbie Coleman, see top picture with ye old editor, was Jeanette Perez, another Goonie, seen here giving tech tips to Debbie. In her day job, Jeanette is an educator.

If you have heard of a man named Grampa Tom, who does tinctures, yep, he was there.

Of course, the official Weed Warrior Lawyer was on hand, Letitia Pepper. Can’t wrap without the rapper.

There were other familiar faces from past No Prop 64 events feeling the joy.

And leftovers.

This wrap party happened on Feb. 26, 2017.   *- Not his actual name.

PT Rothschild

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