marijuanabowl_thecolumbian_viatwitterThough watching both football playoff games yesterday while enjoying pizza and pot, it never dawned on me that this would be the first real ‘bud’ bowl, played by the two States that have legalized recreational use of cannabis.

That the two teams who won the league championships are the only two states where you can smoke pot recreationally is to some, a co-winkydink. The co-winkydink audience is then separated into twos. Those who are unaware of the power of Mary Jane it is our duty to awaken from this long night. We will be bringing them the gospel of One Love, a gospel unlike a religion however, as this gospel is not meant for everyone. Assholes are not included.

The other group, the ones excluded will be crushed under the weight of capitalism as it topples, since we all know it will happen. The question is when.

The question of the first Super[bud] Bowl date was decided when the Seattle Seahawks came from behind in the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers in tonight’s NFC championship game, joining the Denver Broncos, who defeated the New England Patriots in the earlier AFC championship game, in heading to the Super Bowl. Both teams, #1 seeds, hail from states, Washington and Colorado, which legalized marijuana at the ballot box in 2012.

Recreational marijuana went on sale at government-licensed shops in Colorado at the start of this year. But you won’t be able to light up at the Super Bowl, being held in two weeks in New Jersey (with an assist from the NYPD), where recreational marijuana remains prohibited and the implementation of medical marijuana is going on at a snail’s pace.

Players with the Seahawks and the Broncos won’t be able to light up, either. Their contracts with the NFL prohibit the use of marijuana, irrespective of its legal status where they live. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, meanwhile, is only at the stage of contemplating letting players use medical marijuana, much like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

2014 is starting off to be an interesting year and the NEWS knows this is not a coincidence but a sign our favorite girl is coming to air out the house we live in with her own snow capped green scent. Yowsa! – PT Rothschild

(Story sourceEd Krayewski)

PT Rothschild

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