Hippy Shoot at Lake Balboa Park

Hippy Shoot at Lake Balboa Park

It was a beautiful and sunny day on Saturday, April 12th, at Lake Balboa Park. Many new and current 420Nurses showed up to take part in the free Hippy photo shoot hosted by ChaCha Va Voom and Summer Rain.

The models found an appropriate spot on the side of the Lake for taking sexy, hippy photos. Flowers were everywhere and it certainly felt like spring with the blossoming trees and quacking ducks. I had a chance to sit down with some of the models and ask about how they got involved in the 420Nurses.

The 420nurses enjoying a smoke break during the Hippy shoot

The 420nurses enjoying a smoke break during the Hippy shoot

There are many facets to the 420Nurses. One of them includes recruiting new models, photographers, and writers.

The newest addition to the 420nurses is the lovely RoseBudz. She moved all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to Hollywood and would like to expand her career. She became a 420nurse by chance one day when she was wearing a “Blaze one” shirt and a current 420nurse told her she should join this company for motivated, cannabis enthusiasts.

RoseBudz, who has experience modeling/promoting for different brands and companies, would like to expand her profile. When asked about what she’d like to see happen with Cannabis she replied that she would like to see Industrial Hemp become a larger facet of our economy. She can’t wait to see more hemp and cannabis products out on the market such as lotions and soaps. I know the 420Nurses can’t wait to see this happen and would love to hear more from this talented model. 

RoseBudz first shoot

RoseBudz seated, Summer Rain camera, ChaCha Va Voom light reflector

One part for being a 420Nurse is the goal to become an Official Intern.

One of the models in attendance for the Hippy shoot has achieved this goal and even more. Laurel Anne became an Official Intern in March and has been growing her network every day since. To become an Official Intern, a model needs to have at least one sponsor and have done 8 business reviews, as well as be voted on by the 420Nurses board to become an Official Intern. Laurel Anne has 3 sponsors, has reviewed many businesses, plus recently was interviewed by KTLA 5 about dabbing. This interview will be out in May marking another addition to many interviews of 420nurses happening around the nation. When asked about the future of Cannabis, Laurel Anne’s philosophy is this “Legalization, Regulation, Recreation”.

Official Intern Laurel Anne

Official Intern Laurel Anne

The whole photo shoot was orchestrated by President ChaCha Va Voom and Vice President Summer Rain. These ladies work hard at being model, photographer, and inspirational leaders. When picking the brain of the founder of the 420nurses, ChaCha, it is obvious that her goal is opportunity and growth for all. She wants to see many more women enter the 420Nurses to make a name for themselves and she wants to see this happen globally.

I asked her why she started the 420Nurses and her response was, “To give opportunities for girls to be themselves and expand who they are.”

The 420nurses is a completely different modeling business. A 420nurse will never be pressured to be someone they are not. A 420nurse expands her network, is open to meeting new businesses and people, and spreads the positive love that is the essence of Cannabis.


VP Summer Rain with Founder ChaCha Va Voom on guitar

There are always new events, casting calls, and photo shoots taking place with the 420nurses. Go to 420Nurses.com and make a profile to benefit from this open and creative community.


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1 Comment

  • Summer Rain
    April 23, 2014, 11:28 pm

    well written, and such a blessing to have been there


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