For the second year in a row, pot’s medical reps, the 420Nurses, joined vendors and artists to put on DTLA’s MMJ fest, HighFi.

420 and big group shot maybe from highfi event

It required a bevy of helpful, smiling, knowledgeable, and beautiful 420Nurses, themselves patients, to make this year’s exposition show a memorable success. Most of this year’s show model spokespersons hailed from San Diego.

The 420Nurses were part of the stage proceedings with their own show.

HighFi nurses onstage 2015

Of course, onstage or off, the 420Nurses are always eye-catching and stand out from the rest as the loveliest female patients, ever.

HighFi pilot kookie and Zbaby at Pepper live

However, being attractive and drama-free only adds to the experience of being a medical marijuana patient helped by cannabis and its unique makeup. Many product vendors are now aware of the benefits of having 420nurses personnel on board and the good vibes they bring.

HighFi and Nectar sticks

This year the 420Nurses had a heavy presence downstairs on the concert floor, maximizing the brand exposure.

HighFi crowd downstairs

The 420nurses booth area has also expanded its inventory of brand merchandise available to members and supporters.

HighFi SD nurses vender 420nurses products

Remember, if it has to do with Mary Jane naturally, it’s natural to have a 420Nurse to rep it. Two are twice as nice in every instance.

highFi rascal genetics

HighFi is DTLA’s most educational medical marijuana expo, but after the load-out, the 420Nurses get to toast the night, share a laugh, and chill, all under wise leader, Chacha, who keeps an eye on the future.

HighFi and goodnight backstage

Got a question about medical marijuana? Ask a nurse, a 420Nurse.

PT Rothschild

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