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The High Times Cannabis Cup made it’s way back to the San Bernardino NOS Events Center on April 15-17, 2016. This time there was a little something different in the atmosphere. As patients, vendors, speakers, performers, and event-goers entered the event, they were greeted with the sounds, sights, and terpy scents of a carnival themed cannabis fairground. From the stickiest buds to tastiest edibles and the most potent of extracts, the event was filled with plenty of delights to satisfy any event-goer and spectator.

In addition to the wide variety of vendor booths and crowd pleasing musicians, guests were also treated to an array of carnival rides and circus acts such as fire dancing and feats of acrobatics. Advocates were treated to a list of speakers aimed at educating the public about the future of the cannabis industry.

Among the many familiar products to grace the fairgrounds, there was also a list of companies aimed at bringing attention to the new technologies and methodologies used to produce the various cannabis concoctions we all know and love. Groups such as Across International, Purge Labs, Best Value Vacs and list of many others who continue to progress the industry to a higher standard.

At the center stage, a list of musicians and artists graced the loving crowd. Artists such as King Lil G, Kushinator, The Game, Suga Free, State to State, and many MANY more.

The 3-day event draws to a close with the ever popular winner’s announcement. With such categories as best indicas, sativas, edible and non edible, CBD, solvent and non solvent extractions, indeed there are simply to many amazing companies that are worth acknowledging for their efforts to provide only the best of the best in their respective fields. For more information on the various categories, entries, and winners of the 2016 So-Cal Cannabis Cup and Carnival, you can follow the link here:


The High Times Cannabis Cup is among the most well established and recognized events in the industry. With the growing acceptance of cannabis as both a medicinal substance and a properly regulated product, the popularity of events such as these also continue to rise. As this wave of acceptance sweeps across the country, it will bring about new products, new locations, and newly themed ideas which will continue to shape the cannabis community for the better. For more information on High Times, their Cannabis Cups, or any other of their features and events, you can visit there site at: http://www.hightimes.com/.

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