It was a stoney 420 weekend in San Bernardino at Hemp Con with medical marijuana patients coming from all over California to explore cannabis businesses and products. The event was filled with many cannabis enthusiasts, patients, and 420 Nurses. Several of the 420Nurses were there to promote businesses such as Smoke Filled Thoughts, My Canna

It was a stoney 420 weekend in San Bernardino at Hemp Con with medical marijuana patients coming from all over California to explore cannabis businesses and products. The event was filled with many cannabis enthusiasts, patients, and 420 Nurses. Several of the 420Nurses were there to promote businesses such as Smoke Filled Thoughts, My Canna Life, 3 Jays Delivery, Bay Area Collective and many more. This effort not only increased 420Nurses visibility but that of the businesses promoted as well.

The 420nurses in attendance ranged from Bella Kush and Sativa Kush from Northern California to Sky High and CherryBomb from the Los Angeles Chapter to SFTDabz and KimiDabzalot from the Inland Empire.

420Nurse photographer Le BLeu was busy taking photos of the event, and interns MonroeMadison and Tokyo were promoting various businesses. I was able to speak with Bella Kush who just became a Chapter Leader for the San Jose area on 4/20. She was very excited to receive her Chapter Kit which she purchased on store.420nurses.com. She drove down with Solano County Chapter Leader, Sativa Kush, who was busy working for the 3 Jays Collective inside the event.

Many of the 420Nurses were seen about Hemp Con dabbing out numerous patients that attended. Every where you looked a 420Nurse was busy assisting business vendors, working the crowd, modeling of course, photographing or interviewing potential new interns, all while medicating. We are professionals!

I was able to interview many different business owners about their reasons for coming to Hemp Con and what their brand is all about.

I talked to Andie from Edipure, a medical marijuana edible company that started in Colorado over 5 years ago and moved to California about a year ago. This brand is available in Washington, Colorado, and Arizona.

Edipure came to Hemp Con to expand their business visibility and get more involved in the cannabis industry. Andie runs the kitchen and makes many edibles such as gummies, baked goods and even rock candy. Edipure is made with organic CO2 extracted honey oil produced by Golden Goods.


Golden Goods as past sponsor of the 420Nurses based out of San Diego creates high quality CO2 extracted honey oil which is lab tested for verified potency and purity. I found that Edipure wants to create sugar-free diabetic friendly edibles in order to accommodate patients with dietary restrictions. Their mission statement proposal is to have a low dose edible that is highly effective so that even those with high tolerances can enjoy a delicious, and healthier edible.  For more information about Edipure you are invited to follow their instagram @edipureca


Summer Rain and Cha Cha VaVoom with the Caviar Gold Girls

Caviar Gold was at Hemp Con promoting their amazing high quality, and high potency products such as Caviar gold, Amber Fire Hash Oil CaviSqueeze, CaviCones, CaviRanchers, and CaviTaffy.

While at Hemp Con the gorgeous Caviar Gold Girls distrubted 6000 flavored CaviCones to patients in attendance. CaviCone flavors include original, raspberry, grape, vanilla, strawberry, and apple.  I interviewed the proud Sponsor of the 420Nurses to find out more about Caviar Gold and their plans for the future.

Caviar Gold started in Denver 4 years ago and moved to California two and half years ago. They have been popping up in dispensaries ever since. What makes Caviar Gold different from just any flower on the market is that their top shelf bud is infused to the stem with CO2 hash oil and then rolled in kief. The ratio is 200 grams of oil and 100 grams of kief to 1 pound of top quality buds. Caviar Gold is very potent medicine and is perfect for patients with high tolerances.

The newest advances for the Caviar Gold team include flavored Amber Fire CO2 Hash Oil, which eventually will include all the same flavors as the CaviCones but at this moment only Strawberry and original CaviSqueeze are available. Another new product for the line is CaviRanchers which are 20 pieces of 25 mg dose caviar gold ranchers. These are a perfect way to sweetly and discreetly medicate your day away!

Aside from the CaviCones and Caviar Gold Girls, the main attraction at this booth was the XO Gold which boasts a high potency of 1 gram of XO Gold equaling 8 grams of top shelf flower. This was proudly displayed in a beautiful glass and gold case at the event. If you walked by the Caviar Gold booth you could receive 1 free Cavi Cone, enter a contest to win a flat screen, or get some free flyers of the gorgeous 420Nurses Cha Cha VaVoom and Summer Rain. This was definitely the booth to stop by at Hemp Con. To learn more about Caviar Gold like their facebook page CaviarGoldMeds, follow their instagram at @CaviarGold, subscribe to their youtube channel at CaviarGoldMeds, or go to their webpage at CaviarGoldMeds.com


Chernobyl Herbarium by Bee the Artist

I was intrigued by a new grower called Salsa Verde Farms. Along with producing high quality organic flower they also create HERBariums. Bee, the fine artist, has found a way to dry and preserve Cannabis leaves and display them for cannabis admirers to buy.

According to Salsa Verde Farms, an “HERBarium is a systematically preserved cannabis leaf, identified with a specimen tag and mounted to a birch box under an epoxy finish. These limited edition pieces of art are handcrafted at Salsa Verde Farms in San Diego, CA using locally grown Cannabis. It is out goal to commemorate the age of the medical marijuana movement in California.” To learn more about Salsa Verde Farms and these HERBariums you can follow their instagram at @SalsaVerdeFarms or email them at [email protected]

One of the growers that stuck out to me at Hemp Con was the Purple Mountain Greenhouse because all of their farms are at 3,000 feet elevation or higher and a lot of the farms are above 6,000 feet. They are based out of Costa Mesa and are a collective of growers with over 20 years experience growing in the mountains of Redding to Orange County. They claim that because of the higher elevation the cannabis plant thrives and needs less nutrients, ventilation and is more resistant to pests.

One distinguishing feature about these growers is that the roots are bathed in warm water to soak in their nutrients with ease. This turns the buds a beautiful purple color giving them their name. The Greenhouse mission for coming to Hemp Con was to get their beautiful brand out there. They want people to know that when you see Purple Mountain Greenhouse you are buying beautiful, purple, thriving buds that were tended with precise care at higher elevations.

Other businesses in attendance included Green Cal Growers based in Santa Cruz, Hemp Aid, Lucille’s Collective, Hemp Meds, GotClones.net, Doc’s Delight’s and YOLO 5 disposable hash oil e-cigarettes. For patients who like to learn more about what goes into their body and how to grow this valuable medicine, Hemp Con was definitely the perfect venue. I look forward to seeing this industry expand and to experience future Hemp Con adventures.



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