While many of us were reading about Denver this 420, Colorado wasn’t the only place that a pot expo was happening. We get the following review about HempCon 2014, which happened in San Bernardino, CA, from 420Nurse Inkhurtz.

420 and inkhurtz blowing smoke HempCon 2014“Wow, it’s 4/21 and I still feel high! HempCon was amazing.

I want to give a big thank you to 420Nurse SkyHigh who really stepped up and kept everyone organized this weekend in San Bernardino at HempCon 2014.

It was great meeting some ladies I have been dying to meet on Saturday like Bella Kush and Sativa Manning ~ just as gorgeous in real life as they are in 420Nurses photos!!

While I did not get hired to work at HempCon I was still proud to support 420Nurses and to network throughout the event.

420 and inkhurtz at HempCon 2014 staging

I was able to spend a large amount of my time at the LA JEMM booth. Although it was not inside the medicating booth area we stilled seemed to get a steady flow of people. It was great taking so many fan photos ~ I can’t wait to see them on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to Matt the BudGenius for his hospitality at the booth; glad I was able to help LAJEMM because I really do enjoy reading the publication.

To Caviar Gold, who was thoughtful enough while stopping by the LAJEMM booth to give me a Raspberry CaviCone. Love these meds and the team, good people.

Down to the meds!
I, of course like most of you, consider myself a connoisseur of marijuana in all forms. My tastes have leaned more into concentrates due to the abundance of pros to cons for my medicating needs.
That being said, I was on a mission to see some product I wouldn’t see here in “the valley”. I am so happy I did.
Here are some of the very friendly vendor booths that I made donations at:

Purple Dinosaur Collective & Delivery Service
Dave @ 209~612~3412
I was very impressed by the shatter selection and the clarity of their meds.

AHP Herbal Healing Collective
They had Romulain, ‘nuff said.

SoCals Choice
Not only were these guys friendly but their meds spoke for themselves. Top Shelf Compassion.

Amazing Herbal Creations
Seriously strong tincture rub from medical cannabis called XXX Pain Relief. She also gave us samples of her ‘chap stick’ tincture. It was heaven on my lips.

I’m look forward to the next event and networking more with other 420Nurses. Thank you again to all the girls that attended and worked hard so others could enjoy themselves, and to the vendors who brought good vibes/meds to this event.
420 and inkhurtz with nurse at HempCon 2014
~420Nurse Inkhurtz, right

PT Rothschild

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