In the second cannabis-themed event since the 420Nurses headquarters Grand Opening, Las Vegas’ Hempfest had music, vendors, and plenty of 420Nurses.

Hempfest 2014 big flyer LV

The all-day all ages extravaganza also featured a number of leaders in the cause to restore cannabis to the lawful state and presence pre-1913, the same year as the IRS and the Federal Reserve. But as politics and marijuana smoke drifted over the crowd, the concept personification of Mary Jane was again best represented by 420Nurse Fun Nugz, pictured between Summer Rain and Chacha Va Voom.

Hempfest 2014 LV 3 shot, SR, Funnugz, CC

Familiar faces from California, Colorado, and of course the host chapter recently formed in the glitzy gambling capital of the United States, Las Vegas, are shown here, including Lexi Lego, center outsets in this collage.

hempfest 2014 LV collage shot

Back too was the prize-winning Electric dabbing Darth Vader rig from Vader Extracts, last seen operating at the 420Nurses Grand Opening in the San Fernando Valley and covered here.

Hempfest 2014 LV Vadar Dabber rig

Here some of the 420Nurses not occupied with vendor duties line up for a roll call shot.

hempfest 2014 LV nurses line shot

Here the 420Nurses take a pause for the cause in helping make the First Ever Las Vegas Hempfest a success.

Hempfest 2014 LV nurses station

What’s up next for these 21st Century women repping today’s cannabis patient in the positive light of innovation and self improvement?

420 Fashion show Summer and Chacha flyer

PT Rothschild

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