The leading edge of costumed play has organized the first-ever costumed nightclub venue concert party event, ever! Set in the remodeled atmosphere of the dual bar/outside patio area M15 venue, Club Cosplay is set to be remembered as awesome as well as nerd safe.

Cosplay VIP table service

As it is with any Ivan Promotions event, see the rules first.

Cosplay and rules of conduct

The event host is

Cosplay and better event host banner

Contests will feature scene legends from comic art field

Cosplay Ivy Doom Kitty, comic book artist model

Even Elvis will be there

Cosplay and Jedi Elvis

Cheap tickets are available at these comic shops

Cosplay and comic shop tickets

No doubt, this event will be

Cosplay and Magneto

From Ivan Promotions – “Well we don’t like giving everything away all up front but we can assure you that it will be like nothing before experienced… A world where Cosplayers are Kings and Queens and a land in which Nerd is Rule.

At Club Cosplay we are Excited to Bring you a Night of Epic Fantasy, from Live Talent to Contests, you will Experience a NightClub… Just for You! Meet People who Truly Understand your inner Nerd and Encourage It!

Cosplay early entry
A Night of Dancing , Competition , Costumes , & Even Collectables! Club Cosplay


PT Rothschild

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