We at the NEWS see beautiful 420nurses all the time but St. Valentine’s Day is special because it combines religion with romantic love.

The story of Saint Valentine is also romantic so if you can find older non-modernized accounts, it will make your eyes wet.

However we don’t come today to preach, we come to eat chocolate, lick sweets, appreciate sensual beauty with our five [and beyond] senses, and for some of us, a day to ‘get lucky’.

For the rest of us, here is our NEWS tribute to the romantic saint that went against Roman orders, only to pay the highest price possible.

So we present the ‘highest’ beauty possible – the 420nurses, in pics, of course. One Love.

Red is the color of the day.

happy valentine 420nurses and big red bow

happy valentine 420nurses and big red candy kiss

And special presents, also wrapped in red, are a symbol of sweet hotness.

The day puts you in the mood, makes you feel pretty in pink.

happy valentine 420nurses and pretty in pink

The red fire of romance is all around you on St. Valentine Day.

happy valentine 420nurses all red

It’s a special day for special toys, with someone special. How special is that?

happy valentine 420nurses red cuffs

Maybe play some ‘games’

happy valentine 420nurses nurse in mask

Enjoy something orally,

happy valentine 420nurses licking lollipop

Or socialize with your sisters.

happy valentine 420nurses celebrate together

Remember, the day is yours, both romantically and spiritually,

happy valentine 420nurses rainbow face

So take some time to reflect upon where you are, who you are;

happy valentine 420nurses and smoke something with a nurse

And enjoy the moment of being a 420nurse.

happy valentine 420nurses plus model ghosting


happy valentine 420nurses boots up

Cause tomorrow it’s back to being The World’s Most Recognized Rep for The World’s Most Recognized Plant – Cannabis

happy valentine 420nurses Summer from Dab Ave feb 13

And please

420 and keep it sticky


PT Rothschild

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