Though some consider this celebration and that of St. Valentine to be ‘Hallmark Holidays’, a look back at the real stories which are not allegory, reveal a lesson we can use today, victory over adversity through magical or miraculous means.

Some would say that period of human history is over but again when you look at the facts, they speak of a different message. For instance, Saint Patrick’s original color was blue, not green. And he was not Irish but English, returning to the island he had been made an indentured shepherd years earlier, to show the people there something else existed beyond their horizons.

Looking at today we see the magic of another group who has the color green in their motif. And again the purpose is to show people, this time around the world, that indeed something exists beyond the horizons of their closed minds. This is the reality of One Love.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY to all fans of and member 420Nurses!!

420 and Happy St Pats

PT Rothschild

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