There is much ado this year in California on 4/20. In fact, there is so much going on since pot, aka cannabis was made legal by state law, the celebrations started yesterday on April 19th in culturally advanced spots like Los Angeles. My favorite and the most well known group of patients named after this date/code/time of day, the 420Nurses were in the forefront by holding a 4/19 pre-celebration themselves. In fact, my phone was blowing up about the parties going on up in LA yesterday.

Through the long night [see Matt 25; Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green] the Cosmos would not let the Establishment bastards grind Mary Jane down. Over centuries of Church disinformation, the Spanish Inquisition, and lastly, the almost successful effort started in this country slightly over a hundred years ago in a place I visited on it’s Century Anniversary in LA, the joint of Hope from Pandora’s Box is free for the People to imbibe, in every form for any reason for their betterment, like unsprayed air.

You might think those are strong words but every book of wisdom will tell you, “If you have eyes to see…”

So here’s to the future of Man, on this first birthday of waking from a nightmare of an Edison mindset in Cali.

PT Rothschild

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