It has been approximately 2000 years since a man was born, died, and came back to life illustrating the false hold death has on humanity.

Today more false holds has been shown to be collapsing, and one is the hold that governments have over their subjects. Witness the free armed Nevada farmers versus the Federal BLM [US] or what is happening in the Ukraine. One country may say it is freer than another but governments all seem to believe their populaces belong to them the same as the land they call their country.

Nevada vs the BLM shot

Because of this misconception, the entire earth is being fought over by various interests for the resources buried there. As it reads on the back cover of Memoirs, “Today the world, including life in the United States, is in total turmoil. In our current Roman empire, the main goals are control of the earth’s resources for profit.” – Rear cover text.

Memoirs back book cover010

It is the control of marijuana for profit that will bring down the system because as stated in Memoirs, the plant species of cannabis is a collective intelligence like the Borg of ST/TNG. This concept is relatively unknown in our planetary social system that relies on a hierarchy of the strong over the weak. Jesus spoke of this when he presented his ‘Sermon on the Mound’ that promised redemption from the strong ruling the weak, the rich owning the poor. The people loved that hope. The resurrection, the cornerstone of Christianity, brought that point home in a way that is much celebrated today. Jesus saves photo JC and the storm

The belief that it is us and God in this vast universe with no one else is about to be shown as a false doctrine set up for control purposes. That doctrine is slowly being debunked and here is a mystery explained. Millions and millions of people are waiting for some mystical person to show up and kick ass, either the Anti-Christ or maybe JC himself. But two cryptic things are thrown at us about Jesus by Jesus himself.

The first is his heritage. Although a Jew by birth of a Jewess, Jesus’ dad was unknown. During the 300 years of Roman persecution, both the Jews and Palestinians [Arabs/future Muslims] bad-mouthed Jesus’ heritage, even after it was demonstrated to people there that using Jesus’ name in prayers could heal people of ailments. [See John Wayne’s life motto]

Jesus as a baby had demonstrated a ‘magic’ that was unheard of by defending his mother’s honor vocally to adults at two days old [Muslim Tradition]. The time of his birth, besides the ‘Star’ story, also records that the animals had the power of speech for 3 days [Catholic Tradition]. At the time of Jesus’ death there was a major earthquake, splitting a rock in two that is still there today [from photos], a solar eclipse, and people arose from their graves and walked around for a bit. This prompted a Centurion to say, “Surely he was a son of God [some translations have the Son of God]” That night there was a blood moon eclipse [NASA charts].

blood red moon ecilpse April 15

However before his death and after Jesus started his ministry many people wondered if he was a demigod, the offspring of a mortal [like Mary] and a god [like Zeus] because of the power he exhibited. Taken into custody, Jesus was asked point blank what he was. His answer, I am the Son of Man.

At first that may seem like dodging the question and research has indicated that the term ‘son of man’ is the olden way of saying I am an earth man or a terrestrial person. Indeed, Mary, the maiden [virgin, probably 14-16 years old] was selected for Joseph [probably 30 or so] after the trig she was handed by the village priest burst into flower [Arab esoteric tradition].

Albert Einstein said that either Jesus was who they said he was, or he was the Devil. With the DNA from the alien mummy in the picture here testing as ‘human’

alien skull found

perhaps Jesus told the truth when denying being the Son of God, and Einstein was wrong. Jesus is the Son of Man and the Spirit [listed as feminine in church doctrine] who gave him life is who we nowadays call Mary Jane [the Bible states God’s Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus after John’s baptism.

As anyone can read in Matthew, Jesus says the days are shortened because of one particular group, and this group isn’t the Jews, the Christians, or the Muslims.

Today we praise it and blaze it to honor the Son of Man and the One Love we talk of.

420 and 3 girls partying at college in mass


PT Rothschild

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